Biggest Construction Projects in the World Right Now

These 10 amazing structures are scheduled for completion soon and will undoubtedly take massive amounts of materials and thousands of man hours of labour to complete. Watch to see the progress these 10 mega structures have made already.

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WorkSafe Queensland Urges Safety in New Video

This video from WorkSafe Queensland aims to educate workers and employers about the consequences of workplace fatalities and to highlight young worker safety. ‘Jason’s story’ tells the story of a 20 year worker killed on a construction site in 2012

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Cool Speed Way Construction Time Lapse

The official video for the iconic Daytona International Speedway shows the magnificent structure going up over a period of about 2 years. Let’s have a look at the finished structure.  

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Lower Manhattan Crane Collapse Caught on Video

The massive crane collapse in Manhattan recently was both terrifying and eye-opening. This video captures the horrific event which led to the death of one New Yorker who was sitting in his car below the crane when it collapsed. Three

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This is How Elizabeth Quay Construction Happened

This is how we do massive construction in Australia. This construction time-lapse video shows the development of Elizabeth Quay in Perth from October 2013 until now.

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Safety Warning Issued about Heat Stress

WorkSafe WA has alerted businesses to the fact that Summer and the hot days accompanying it have not yet come to an end, so workers need to be protected from heat stress or worse, heat stroke which can be fatal.

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Lost Your White Card? Here’s How To Get A Replacement

We can replace your lost, stolen or destroyed White Card if you have previously had a White Card (issued in any State) or a Queensland Blue Card.  Your replacement card will posted within 1 to 2 business days (usually 1),

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Get Safety Guidance For Your Small Business

If you’re interested in getting safety guidance for your small business in Queensland, a safety workshop will be held at Mount Isa on February 24. Business owners are being reminded that a safe business is important to improving your productivity,

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Trends To Expect This Year In Construction

Wondering what trends to expect in the coming year? Here are some predictions from Detailed 3D BIM Modelling Prefabrication Energy saving building systems Smart buildings Robotic automation While most of these are predicatable, read the article on for the rest of

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Vic Government Creates Work for Apprentices

As of the beginning of this year, at least 10 per cent of the workforce involved in major government funded projects will have to be made up of apprentices and trainees. Government construction projects including Melbourne Metro Rail will have

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