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“Falling Objects Still a Risk” – Video Reminds Us

If you thought only objects falling from high heights pose a risk to health and safety, think again. This video from WorkSafe Victoria reminds us that even mid-rise falling objects can cause serious injuries. Let’s watch the video for an

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How To Treat a Blister

If you haven’t completed a first aid course, seeing to small injuries may not be something you know how to do. Surprisingly these issues shouldn’t always be left to your common sense, because there is a wrong and right way

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Solutions to Reducing Minor Injuries

You will be surprised at the cost even minor injuries have on businesses and the economy, and sadly many employers aren’t doing enough to address risks associated with these injuries. These injuries have an even greater impact on the lives

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High Rise Falling Objects on Construction Sites

“Short falls of small objects can still cause serious injury” – that is the message behind WorkSafe Victoria’s latest construction safety video. This video demonstrates how easily such an incident could occur and the importance of guarding against it.

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Campbelltown Hospital Construction Timelapse

More than $300 million has been poured into the construction of the new multi-level building at Campbelltown Hospital in the Macarthur Region of NSW. Construction has come far enough along that we now watch the building rise from the ground

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Video Highlights Skin Cancer Prevention Message for Outdoor Workers

Outdoor workers are more likely to experience not just skin cancer but heat stress which is why sun safety is such an important issue for construction workers, who spend the majority of their time outdoors. Here’s a helpful video that

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SafeWork Highlights Importance of Ladder Safety

Incorrect ladder use leads to a surprising number of workplace health and safety across all industries but in construction in particular. This safety alert from SafeWork gives some good advice on safe ladder use, let’s watch and see what we

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Construction Fail Compilation

Although construction fail compilations are funny to watch, they do highlight the importance of workplace health and safety. Let’s watch this one and see what we could learn.

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Hundreds of Workers Have Illegally Obtained Construction Induction Cards

Police are concerned that hundreds of people could be working illegally on building sites, after it was discovered that a Sydney man was paid to sit for tests for certificates to fraudulently obtain construction induction cards for workers with limited

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Best Paying Jobs and Industries in Australia Revealed

SEEK used job advertisements to determine the best-paying jobs and industries in Australia and the construction industry has made the top 5 list. All of the industries on the top 5 list pay an average annual salary over $100,000. The

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