Video Shows Epic Construction Fails

These are some seriously epic construction fails. Don’t try any of these at home!

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Which Jobs Make You Drink?

According to data from the US Government miners and construction workers are more likely than people in other jobs to drink and take drugs. The survey undertaken recently showed that construction workers in The US showed abnormally high levels of

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Funny Construction Safety Signs

Safety signs are crucial on a construction site but how effective could one of these be on a site? Don’t forget your hard hat… Wonder how many fines they issued? Now here’s a good strategy for an emergency… And my

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White Card Victoria – Melbourne Soon To Be Densest City

Ever considered what the implications of living in the world’s densest city would be? Well Melbourne residents will soon find out with Mebourne set to become the world’s most populace city. This is in part due to the large number

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These Pics Show Why You Should Love Your Job!

Aren’t you thankful you don’t have one of these jobs? Imagine if airport security was like this… And the video game arcade… And you thought your job was bad? More funny work safety photos here.

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Funny Safety Fail Photos

What’s wrong with this picture? And the award for worst parenting goes to… Make sure PPE are effective. How useful is this safety helmet? For more funny safety fail pics visit

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Stress Management for Construction Workers

Managing stress has become an issue that we in the construction industry must address if we are to reduce suicides, improve safety and boost productivity on work sites. Factors such as a heavy workload, traveling,  having responsibility for the safety of

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WorkCover NSW Issues Scaffolding Safety Alert

WorkCover NSW have issued a safety alert highlighting the safety risks associated with scaffolding collapses. The alert also aims to help avoid such incidents. The alert comes after an incident when workers were injured after a scaffold collapsed into the

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Safety Video : Preventing Trips and Falls on Site

Trips and Falls are responsible for great number of injuries on construction sites and although the subject is covered in brief by White Card training (mandatory safety training for all construction workers), more in-depth training may be necessary in specific

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Construction of A Windmill: Time Lapse Video

Cranes are a crucial part of construction and especially so in projects like this one. Watch as construction on this Netherlands windmill is completed…  

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