Latest Paint Technology keeps City Walls Clean

Construction technology is developing at such a fast rate that you probably can’t even keep up with it. For example city officials in some major cities such as Hamburg and San Francisco have adopted a new paint technology to deter

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Video Shows Wall Crumble on Construction Site

A wall on a construction site in Shenzhen, China came crashing down as construction workers filmed it from a safe distance away. Although the cause of this incident is unknown, due to heavy rains here in Australia recently we have

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Get Prepared for Hearing Awareness Week 2015

In South Australia a number of workers suffer noise induced hearing loss every year which is why Hearing Awareness Week is being held from 23-29 August 2015. Why it matters! In addition to affecting the hearing of workers, noise can

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Construction Video Shows Importance of Fire Response on Work Sites

Watch as a fire burns on a construction site, allegedly due to arson. Although no one seems to have been injured, probably because this is taking place at night, this incident highlights the need to develop an emergency response procedure

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Robot Builds Helix-like Lattice Facade out of Bricks

Swiss engineers have built a robot that stacks bricks in the most intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns, to create amazing building facades. The pattern above seems to almost defy gravity. A robot arm is used to stack the bricks which

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Construction Materials Shortage Solved with Plastic Cola Bottles

What do you do when you need to build a school but don’t have any bricks and your budget is low? Well these people in the Philippines didn’t let that stop them. Instead of bricks, they used old plastic cola

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Builder Paid Union Official to Avoid Stop Work Orders

A builder in the ACT has told the Royal Commission into trade unions that he paid the wife of a CFMEU official $30,000 to avoid “getting on the wrong side” of the union and to avoid the union issuing stop

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Scaffolding Safety Update

Can you spot the problem here? Can you imagine putting your life at risk by climbing this scaffold? Not only are workers lives placed at risk, but so are the public. We can never underestimate the importance of complying with

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Finding a Healthy Work Life Balance for Employees

An article on recently discussed the importance of finding a healthy balance for employees. According to recent statistics, construction workers are generally unhealthy and often overweight. They also tend to consume more alcohol than the national average. According to Diabetes

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Mindfulness of Work Health and Safety in the Workplace Study Released

Safe Work Australia have released the results of a study which examined the awareness of employers, sole traders and workers of factors that affect workplace health and safety. The “Mindfulness of work health and safety in the workplace” study forms

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