Company Fined $25,000 over Oversight of Safety Procedures resulting in Fatality

A tragedy that happened more than six years ago on a construction site has been relived in court, bringing back the despair to family and in particular wife of the victim. Chris Gear was 36 years when the accident took

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Beware Falls from Machinery on Construction Sites

Source: Falling objects can cause a lot of damage on work sites and because there are so many opportunities for this type of hazard, some instances slip through the cracks. On a construction site it is a hazard that

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Mildura and Wentworth Sites Expect Visits from Work Safety Inspectors

If you work on a construction site in Mildura or Wentworth you can expect a visit from a work safety inspector in the coming weeks. Because cross border work is common here, workers and employers need to be aware of

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Video on Framing Terms: Noggings, Plates, Joists, Rafters, Blocking

Source: In this video James Mason discusses some of the terminology relating to construction timber framing, such as studs, noggings, top and bottom plates, rafters, joists and blocking. The video was shot inside the bathroom of the “Small Space

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Funny Safety Fail Video – What Not to Do in Construction

Although these videos of construction safety fails are funny, they highlight a much more serious health and safety issue. They also remind us of why safety training and common sense are so important on construction sites. Embedded Code:

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Ban could Save Lives – Says Electrical Trades Union

The Electrical Trades Union says that a ban on live electrical work may anger some tradespeople but in the long run it would be a good decision because of the number of lives it would save. They say people could

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Construction Workers Make Startling Discovery during Excavation

Image source: Construction workers in Burnaby, British Columbia got more than they bargained for when they stumbled across a startling discovery while excavating a site. The workers discovered a den of more than 500 snakes on one Canadian construction

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Sydney Housing Market Strongest in Australia

While many experts predict that housing price growth will ease in the near future from the recent boom, Sydney is one of the areas around the country where the housing market will remain high. In fact Sydney’s housing market prices

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White Card Victoria News: Historic Melbourne Market Gets Huge Upgrade

Photo source: The historic Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne opened in 1878 will be getting an overhaul and it is expected to be a major economic driver for the city over the coming years. According to a report on

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Occupational Health and Safety News

It is interesting to take note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has published a report on work related injuries sustained between July 2013 and June 2014. According to the report, of the 12.5 million people over the age of

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