Tracking Your Commitment Rather Than Your Progress Key To Keeping Your Resolutions

new year resolution

It’s that time of the year again when most of us are making, and some breaking our News Resolutions. But in a new book, author Chris Bailey says the key to keeping your New Year’s Resolution may be in tracking your commitment rather than your progress.

The book called “The Willpower Instinct” says since tracking your progress can trick your brain into cheating, you should stop reviewing your progress and review your commitment instead.

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How you sleep, and its effect on your health


Did you know that how you sleep actually has an effect on your health?  Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position, some people automatically end up sleeping on their stomach while others prefer sleeping on their side.

Laying on you back may actually be the best position for your spine and posture but it could also increase the likelihood of snoring.

People who sleep on their sides increase the risk of sustaining long-term damage to their necks and lower back.



Bolivian City Builds Transportation System in the Sky

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With construction in the Bolivian city of La Paz already being complicated, because of its location high in the Andes Mountains, town planners have come up with a better way of connecting the city, rather than the more common railway network or roadway- instead a cable line.

Connecting the densely populated urban areas of La Paz is an intricate cable car system well above street level, using technology normally utilised by ski resort towns in the Alps. The result is the longest and highest  cable car network in the world.

The city is now planning to triple the cable car network.


Superfast “Hyperloop” Construction to Begin in 2016


Construction on Elon Musk’s “Hyperloop” may start sooner than we thought.

Travel in the superfast tube may begin in just a few years with a public opening of the five-mile test track in Quay Valley, California is planned for 2018.

What is it?

The  “hyperloop” would be made up of aluminum passenger pods, that would travel in an enclosed space shielded by steel tubes, mounted on pylons 50 to 100 yards apart. The hyperloop would travel at speeds even surpassing that of commercial jet liners, moving at more than 500 mph.

When it starts running, a trip in the hyperloop would take passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes.

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Forget About Your Credit Card, Pay for Stuff with your Wrist


Tired of carrying around a wallet on the work site? Well soon you may not need to, simply pay for stuff with your wrist band.

The Nymi band, (pictured above) is a contactless credit card which allows you to make payments using NFC.

Only you are able to wear it because it uses a sensor to record the electrical activity of the wearer’s heart, the same kind of thing a hospital uses during an ECG. That electrical activity is unique to each individual and allows Nymi to build a ‘Heart ID’, which is used to authenticate the wearer and allow them to make payments.

So basically you’re making payments with your heartbeat.

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Personal Protective Equipment not Optional on Work Sites


What do you think of this guy’s PPE?

Although this isn’t what personal protective equipment is, no work on a construction site should go on without the necessary PPE.

The very basic PPE for construction work include hard hats and safety boots but when work such as welding, crane operation, excavation etc. is taking place, there are additional PPE that are necessary. A site’s Safe Work Method Statement should provide more information about the PPE required.

Employers should ensure workers are provided with the necessary PPE and given the training on this equipment.

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Sculpt Wood and Stone by Hand with New Glove


Improve speed and efficiency of carving stone and wood with a new development called the Happaratus glove.

A Royal College of Art graduate Morten Grønning recently adapted an electric kitchen knife to make a prototype glove for carving hard materials such as wood and stone.

Abrasive pads on the glove’s fingertips move back and forth in a reciprocating motion, enabling the wearer to sculpt materials.

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Robot Builds Helix-like Lattice Facade out of Bricks

lattice facade

Swiss engineers have built a robot that stacks bricks in the most intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns, to create amazing building facades.

The pattern above seems to almost defy gravity. A robot arm is used to stack the bricks which are created with special hollowed-out honeycomb structures in their centers.

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