Lack of Quality Sleep contributing to Workplace Injuries


Did you know that sleeping in the dark is good for you?

A recent post on discussed the importance of good quality sleep for optimal health. In order to function effectively it is important that we get not only an adequate amount of sleep, but the right quality of sleep, which may involve sleeping in the dark.

Lack of sleep and fatigue has been linked to serious health effects as well as workplace injuries.

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Study Reveals Hefty Cost of Heat Stress


An article on Safety website recently discussed a study claiming that as the earth’s temperature rises, workers’ productivity is also effected negatively due to heat stress.

The study revealed that heat stress cost The U.S.A. about $US6.2 billion ($A7.92billion) and this number is set to increase as the earth warms even more.

In the construction industry we spend most of our time outdoors, which is why guarding against heat stress is particularly important to us.

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Fire Erupts on Perth CBD Construction Site

fire perth site

A fire broke out on a construction site in Perth’s CBD on Friday.

According to an article on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services said the fires were in the basement and third floor of the building under construction.

Despite the fire being described as “minor”, everyone in the building was evacuated.

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