Autonomous Buildings

Autonomous buildings are simply constructions that support themselves, and as we move forward with construction technology, we move toward a construction future. An autonomous building can create it’s own energy, dispose of its own waste, collect it’s own water and is ultimately as sustainable as possible (it is self sustainable). Check out this wikipedia page on autonomous buildings, to see more information on how and when they will work.

Also check out this video on self sustaining building in the 21st Century, it’s actually quite interesting to see how it works and where we are at now.

Get online and complete your white card course so that you can be a part of this kind of construction in Australia. White Card Online ensures that you construct safely, and is a necessity to work in Australia on a construction site.


Earthquake Engineering and Construction

It’s not actually in the white card course, but it is quite interesting to learn about how buildings are constructed in earthquake prone areas where the danger of natural disasters is much larger and much more prevalent. Although we don’t get earthquakes in Australia too often, it is necessary to know how to prevent building destruction if there was one. This would come in very useful if you were planning on moving to another country to do work, where you would need to obtain their version of the white card. Australia does not include it in the course only because are not as prone to earthquakes as other countries. If, however it was a threat then we would impose safety regulations for buildings that are more stringent than the ones that we have now.

The Goals of Earthquake Construction Proofing

White Card Online

There are two main goals of construction in earthquake prone areas, and these are pretty simple.

1. The first is that the engineers should try and predict how dangerous an earthquake could be in that particular area.

2. The second is simply to construct the building in a manner that is fit to this danger, so that in the event of a disaster, the buildings structural integrity would stay strong.

This sounds a whole lot simpler than it actually is, check out this Wikepedia page on just how difficult it can be to construct a building in an earthquake prone zone, something Japan is an expert at.

The Seismic Performance Assessment

A seismic performance assessment is not something that you will see in the white card online course, but if the white card you were after was for another country, then it might be. This is simply a test that determines whether a building would be safe in the event of an earthquake. The test is really just a simulation of an earthquake at different magnitudes, to see at what point the building would crumble. It’s really quite interesting to see how it works (they basically just shake a mock building around a little bit).

Grab Your White Card Online to Participate In This Kind of Construction

In any case, you need your white card to even step onto anything deemed a construction site so that you are safer in the work that you do and the building that you are working on is safer in it’s structure. If you even wanted to work in earthquake preventative construction, (as rare as it is in Australia) you would have to complete the white card course. So get online and finish it today to have it under your belt for the future.


Construction in High Risk Areas

White Card Online is a course that increases safety on all work sites around Australia. But you should also know that owning an oh&s construction induction card increases the safety of the buildings that are being constructed by those with a white card who constructed them. As an example, the bushfire prone areas in NSW need to have construction tailored to that areas particular needs. This is seen in the webpage linked here, so check it out.

White Card Online

The White Card online course improves your safety and improves the safety of the structure being built. So the workers building the construction sites in NSW fire prone areas are all white card certified.


The Extremes of Construction

Construction is evolving and continuing to expand across the harshest of terrains. The construction industry is thus becoming more and more versatile, with rough terrain equipment, and construction possibilities that are expanding every single day. For example, you may want to have a read of this news article that details how construction work is starting in such harsh terrains as Antarctica!