Some Useful Construction Links

White Card Online gives you a service that allows you to work anywhere in Australia on a construction site. But when working on the site there may be a few links you would want to see that could be necessary on the site.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Construction Safety Plans

Safe Work Australia

Construction Safety Topic

oh&s construction induction card

So get online and complete the white card online process so that you can work on a site and make use of these links!


Australian Machinery Import Increases

According to the latest Skeleton Sherborne index, the amount of machinery that has been imported into Australia has been increasing (for use of construction). This means that there will be more and more jobs needed in the construction industry and employment increases. The numbers are, that construction machinery imports increased by 133% to 5743 construction units as opposed to the previous month.

White Card Online

With the White Card you can work anywhere in Australia and thus could take part in this increase of employment by moving to where the work is. So go online and get yours this week!


Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines are important to meet and can often be what you simply strive for. But make sure that you do not just value the deadline, and you value safety as the most important thing. This will allow your workers to work in a safe and secure environment!

This video showed an American firms construction of a project where they are slightly behind on their deadline. As such they need to speed things up, and keep safety as the #1 priority.


Teamwork in Construction – We All Need the Construction Induction Card!

The construction induction card (white card) allows you to work on any site around Australia, but working on a site is not something that only consists of individual work. You are working around dangerous materials, huge risks, and you may not realize it but you are relying heavily on your co workers to do their job correctly so that you can be safe. Because if one person does not do what they are supposed to do when it comes to safety, it could mean the injury for you and your mates. This is the reason that the construction induction card exists, so that everyone on the site has had the same training and knows exactly what to do when working, and knows how to do it safely. Because if one person on the site does NOT have their construction induction card and has NOT completed the white card course, not only will they suffer legal/fine consequences along with their employee, they will also be putting the rest of the construction team at risk.

Construction Induction Card

Teamwork Goes Further Than Everyone Having a Construction Induction Card

So yes, teamwork is completing the construction induction card safety training, but it is also being able to work with all your mates on the site to achieve something that you could not do on your own. Everyone has their roles and they utilize their skills to the best of their ability while working with everyone else. Communication is important in this sense as you need to be able to work together in making no mistakes on a construction site, meaning you have to converse and find out what is happening on the rest of the site before completing your job individually as the site is a growing organism that can’t be built partially in different areas at different times.

What Benefits Come From Teamwork On The Site (When Everyone Has Their Construction Induction Card)

With teamwork on a site you will get:

Leadership and a team built on quality work

A team that can match any size of task

A team with commitment to complete any range of goals

A team with shared goals and visions for motivated work

People who see others goals and help them achieve them

Shared tasks for faster and safer completion

A sense of comradery among teams who can work together

Trust and honesty among team members

Get Your Construction Induction Card Today

The construction induction card is possibly the most important part of teamwork as it allows you all to work in a safe and secure environment that values each team member. This means you are all trained on a site and can all function properly. The course is fast, simple and straightforward so get online today and give it a go to expand work opportunities and become a part of any construction team!



New Technology in Construction Management

Construction management also has an expanding forefront just like the site ground, and the white card course teaches that by keeping up with this you could increase safety and productivity. Check out the video below which is a university report on Americas approach when it comes to new construction management technology.

Even though managers of a construction site may not step onto one all that often, depending on how involved they are, they still need to obtain a construction induction card (white card) because it is sometimes necessary to see a site first hand and in that instance you would have to step onto the site. Also, a manager with white card training is a manager that operates faster, safer and more efficiently.

Testing the Extremes of Machines!

Sometimes you find yourself wondering, what would happen if…this machinery was used for other purposes? And it is for this reason that people have created the ‘skid steer’ smackdown. Where they test if certain machines can make it over certain terrain. check it out to see which machines are best!

This might not actually be the best judgement of which machines are the best, as it is unlikely the machines will be taken to their extremes on the site. But either way it is an interesting video. If you want to ever pilot such a vehicle you would first have to complete the white card online course, and get your construction induction card

The Forklift – Proper Use

The forklift is a piece of machinery, but don’t think that it is just another tool around the site. The forklift is much more, it is integral to some operations, and can also be a deadly piece of equipment. If you are looking for some more information on the forklift, visit this page, which shows you the government regulations when it comes to operating a forklift. In addition to the White Card course, there are also Gold Coast and Brisbane forklift programs that can give you a higher risk work certificate, which you will also need to operate a forklift.

Before even considering a forklift training program make sure you have your construction induction card online. This course will ensure that you have the safety expertise to avoid accidents like the one seen above.


Utilising Rough Terrain Vehicles – White Card Presents

Rough terrain equipment is not just used for what you think it might be used for, and in addition,  it has similar operational safety to what is described in the White Card Course anyway. This kind of equipment does not only function in harsh terrain, but also in any terrain which means that it can be a perfect all weather choice. This comes in handy if you are moving around a lot or if the construction that you perform is one where the site is always at a different location (Yes, I know it is uncommon). Overall, the white card online course will not teach you this benefit as it is more of a trade secret that you pick up on the way.

White Card Presents RT Forklifts

There are a few new RT forklifts that are out there recently, the JCB RT forklift 926, 930 and 940 are always a good front runner. The forklift is a classic piece of equipment that is used on almost every construction site, but at the same time it can be very dangerous, if the weather changes or the terrain gets difficult. White Card won’t teach you this because it is derived from what it does teach which is to always be on the lookout for a safer way to operate.

White Card Australia

White Card Demonstrates – RT Cranes

The Sany SRC860 crane was released 6 months ago, and just like the aforementioned forklift, this crane can operate safely in almost any terrain. Just remember that to use the Sany SRC860 you need to have completed you’re White Card Course first, so that you can work on any construction site/project around Australia. The mentioned crane has 250-horsepower with a Tier 3 Cummins engine, while it also has a Dana Powershift transmission. With the ability to carry 60 tonnes of weight at a 10 foot radius, this crane is not one to be missed. Another plus is that this is the first crane to have been developed by a combined American/Chinese team.


If you are interested in this crane, then also check out these links below for more information on the mentioned crane, and another competitor.

Sany SRC860 RT crane here

Badger CD4430 Crane here

The White Card Methodology

So go online and get your oh&s construction induction card today (white card) so that you can work on any construction site around Australia safely. White Card also teaches that you need to keep research up and always look for ways to make your work site a more safer and happier one.


Construction Has It’s Appreciation!

The White Card Online course will teach you everything about construction, and how to do it efficiently and safely – but sometimes it’s easy to get the feeling that the work you put in is not appreciated. The video below is appreciation of work done well and done correctly so don’t think that what you are doing is going un-noticed!

The course that is offered is a straightforward one that teaches you exactly what you need to know. By taking this course you will be essentially setting yourself up to work correctly, and work on any site. This means you might even be a recipient of some of these awards!