Are the laws and standards in my state the same around Australia?

The short answer to this question, is no; each state has different standards of health and safety, and until the OHS Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practise, and Australian and Industry standards are fully harmonised for the OHS, there may be some variations between states. To ensure that you are aware of these regulations, take a look at each state’s different Acts and Codes of Practice. These documents are long but make sure you take a look at each ones summary to save yourself some time.

It is important to know that while your White Card covers you for all states and territories around Australia, each state has small variations in legislation that you should be aware of, so that you ensure you are properly equipped to work on a site.

So when you’re looking to get your White Card Online, remember that your state will have its own personal touch on its legislation, so whilst it’s a common necessity to wear a hard-hat, some states may require more specific action to be taken.

Why do I need a White Card?

Simple enough, before you step onto a construction site, you need to know what you can and can’t do, and acquiring a White Card, or a construction induction card (they’re the same thing), ensures that you avoid getting on your bosses bad side. The government has thus made it compulsory to obtain a White Card before entering a construction site for whatever reason, as outlined in each states code of practices. But you’re not just completing this course because someone told you to, you’re doing it for your own personal safety and the safety of others; you don’t want to be responsible for putting you or someone else out of work, do you?

It’s important to you AND your boss

It is compulsory to carry a White Card before being allowed to step onto a construction site, and as such certain penalties apply for breaking this legislation. Remember what I said about getting on your bosses bad side? Throwing an $11,000 fine and 100 penalty points at your boss may seem like a fitting revenge, but be assured this will reflect on you and any future work you undertake, employers don’t hire $11,000 liabilities… So to avoid this penalty, all you have to do is complete a White Card online course that only takes up to four hours, which can be done at any intervals, rather than taking away an entire working day.


How to keep your card valid

Having an invalid or expired White Card is as bad as not having a White Card at all, so to stay up to date, know that your White Card Brisbane, or whatever your town is, is invalid if:

–          You have been out of the construction industry for 2 years or over

–          Your supervisor or employer recognises that you need re-training to improve your risk management, supervision, incident aversion, or to improve your overall work quality.

The following list displays examples of professions that will require a White Card, but again, these are only examples.

Plumbers, Tilers, Scaffolders, Apprentices/Trainees, Drivers, Welders, Glaziers, Lift Mechanics, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Air Conditioning Installer, Builders, Engineers, Electricians, Concreters, Council Employees or Cabinet Makers.

To complete a fast and simple construction induction card (White Card) course, head to White Card Online today.


Can I Do White Card Training Online?


You can do your White Card training online

From February 2019, training for a QLD white card must be undertaken face to face in Queensland, however, we do offer online training which will result in you being issued with a WA white card, which is also accepted in all states and territories.

The training takes about six hours online and you can stop and start the course whenever you want to.

Once you have completed the course you need to send in the paperwork required and then the card will be sent to you in the post. In many states and territories you can use the certificate immediately until you get your card. This certificate can be printed as soon as you complete the course.

White Card Australia

Can I Get A White Card In My State?

Can I Get A White Card In QLD, NSW, NT, SA, WA, ACT, TAS

The White Card is a Nationwide accepted card for the construction industry in Australia. This card is required by anyone who works on or enters a construction site in Australia. Each State issues a white card with there state logo on it. A card issued in any State or Territory can be used in any other state or territory.