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Australia’s Crane Capital

Sydney has 350 cranes on construction sites around the city, and it’s mostly thanks to residential construction. In second place is Melbourne with a record 150 cranes but it still doesn’t compare to Sydney’s 350, according to the RLB Crane

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National Asbestos Training for Apprentices

The CFMEU has called for mandatory national training on asbestos safety for apprentices and tradies, similarly to the mandatory White Card training that all construction workers must undergo. A Curtin University study revealed that three out of four tradespeople could

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Singapore Highway Collapses While Under Construction

A partially built elevated highway under construction in Singapore has collapsed, killing one worker and injuring ten others. The incident which happened in Singapore where construction safety regulations are stringent, was described as rare. The worker killed was Chinese, the

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Worker Almost Crushed on Superway Worksite

A horrendous crane and elevated work platform crash has resulted in a massive fine for the builder involved. The Australian building company was fined $280,000 for major safety violations discovered by the federal work safety regulator Comcare. The regulator embarked

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What To Do To Avoid A Sore Neck

Are you prone to waking up with a crick in your neck? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. According to a musculoskeletal expert, Dr Charles Kim, there are a number of causes of this neck pain that so many of us

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How to Beat The Heat This Summer When Working Outside

The temperature is steadily rising and for those of us who spend most of the time outdoors, we need to be extra careful about heat protection or we risk heat stroke and heat stress, which could be fatal. In Australia,

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Why You Need to Ensure Visitor Safety

A commonly overlooked part of work health and safety in the construction sector is the adequate protection of visitors to the building site. Protection of guests involves more than simply handing them a hard hat, although this is an important

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You’ve Finished Building The House, Now What Will the New Owners Face When Moving In

For many of us who work in the construction industry, we find ourselves occupied with various tasks involved with the building of new residential homes. While the focus is usually on pulling off the project management feat that is building

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World Health Organisation Recognises Importance of Healthy Workplaces

A recent article on Sourceable.net discussed the importance of fighting lifestyle disease in the workplace, as this is where we spend most of our time. Although the workplace isnt exactly the place we associate with health and wellbeing, the World

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Construction Site Traffic Plan

A recent article on SafetyCulture.com.au highlighted the importance of having a traffic management plan in place on all construction sites, especially given the risks presented by mobile plant and equipment on work sites. Every year there are hundreds of incidents

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