Source : Eric Merrill

A forklift may not seem dangerous, because it doesn’t appear large in comparison to other equipment used on a construction site but forklifts can weigh as much as dump truck and can be just as destructive in the wrong hands.

The law is clear about employer’s responsibility in providing a safe work environment and system of work for their employees. This includes the provision of training to workers in terms of forklift operation. Employers should also ensure that those allowed to operate forklifts and any heavy machinery are certified to do so.

Another important consideration is that effective traffic management is a part of the employer’s duties. The appropriate signage such as speed limit indicators should also be prominently displayed around the site.

It is important for operators to remember that when a forklift overturns, the safest place for the operator to be is in the cabin with the seatbelt on. In the event of the forklift overturning the operator is advised to hold on, stay with the truck and lean in the opposite direction of the overturn. The worst thing to do in this situation would be to jump out of the forklift because almost every time the operator leaps from the overturning forklift they are killed. Seatbelts must be worn, as they can save your life.


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