A construction site is a workplace wrought with danger and many different workers engaged in various dangerous tasks at the same time. These workers are most often working to a deadline and scurrying around on a construction site often means workers do not see objects lying around on the ground because they are in a hurry. That is why good housekeeping is of utmost importance on a site.

Some of the safe housekeeping practices that need to be implemented on a site include:

» The principal contractor should ensure that workers have an appropriate, safe and clear access to and from their workplace

» There should be a safe system for collecting, storing and disposing of excess and/or waste materials

» Ensure that there is adequate space for storing of materials and plant

» There should be the adequate number of safety signs on site and these should be well maintained and clearly visible.

» It is the responsibility of the principal contractor (or relevant person) to implement and maintain the safe housekeeping practices that apply to their work as well as manage risks from protruding objects such as exposed nails or vertical reinforcing steel.

Employers must ensure all workers on site are trained to follow the safe housekeeping practices.


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