wall-collpase-Royal-Park-Hotel-600x400A commonly overlooked part of work health and safety in the construction sector is the adequate protection of visitors to the building site.

Protection of guests involves more than simply handing them a hard hat, although this is an important consideration. Visitors to any given site may be at risk of  a number of injuries caused by falls from heights, slips, trips and falls, being run over by a construction vehicle, being hit by a falling object or machinery, to name a few.

When developing the site safety plan, its crucial that those responsible consider visitors to the site, anticipate who they may be and there purpose and the types of risks they may face.

It’s also important that sites are properly secured to prevent unathorised entry. Most recently there have been calls for Pokemon Go players to be kept off construction sites after a number of players endangered themselves and others by entering dangerous sites.

Read more at http://www.healthandsafetyhandbook.com.au/pokemon-go-warning-from-health-and-safety-regulator/

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