A building collapse in India has claimed the lives of at least 9 people, whose bodies have been discovered by rescuers who worked to clear the rubble following the horror collapse.

The incident involved 2 multi-level buildings, one of which was ready for occupation, east of New Delhi. A six storey high building under construction fell onto an adjacent 4 storey building which crumbled under the impact.

Rescuers used sledgehammers, chainsaws and cranes to comb through the wreckage however no survivors were found.

The owner of the building under construction and 2 of his associates have been arrested and face charges of culpable homicide. The cause of the collapse has not yet been determined.

Another collapse in Mumbai in 2013, killed 72 people. Building collapses are common in India, particularly during the monsoon season which brings heavy rains and weakens the foundations of structures that are shoddily constructed.


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