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Site security and in particular the security of our materials and tools has became an issue of great concern with a number of site break-ins taking place recently.

ATF Services, a site safety company has launched a wireless monitoring device that aims to combat this issue of construction site thefts.

According to the company, 39 per cent of residential builders in Australia have been affected by theft or vandalism at their building sites. The company says that 61 per cent of those affected, experienced the theft of raw materials and 46 per cent of them experienced theft of small hand held tools.

ATF has partnered with Microsoft, Two Bulls and Thinxtra to develop the multi sensor wireless alarm system, providing constant monitoring, with just 4 AA batteries over a 12 month period.

Companies pay a rental fee for the wireless alarm that can be controlled via a mobile application called ATF Vision. The app allows the device to be configured to the requirements of the environment.

When triggered, the alarm activates a flashing red warning light and loud buzzer to deter thieves in addition to an automatic alert sent via app notification or email if any unexpected movement, light, sound, or vibration is detected.

Source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/atf-launches-iot-security-device-for-construction-industry/

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