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Mud Used to Build Houses in The Future


The Smithsonian Institute celebrated its 40th anniversary as the World’s largest Museum and Research Centre and made 40 predictions for the next 4 decades.

One of the most interesting predictions made relating to construction was that sophisticated buildings will be made of mud.

The benefits of mud is that it is renewable and sustainable, including mud brick  pressed earth brick, rammed earth , cob, wattle and daub, dug out, earth render and earth bag. All these buildings share the common feature of being composed of raw, unfired earth.

This building material is renewable and sustainable, and the buildings themselves are durable. And these building techniques are not new. Early pyramids were made of earth as well as large sections of the Great Wall of China. In fact buildings made of mud can be found on all continents except Antartica.

In Australia, rammed earth building has become popular among award winning architects as well as with builders around Europe.

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