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In addition to prompting an audit, the fatal Box Hill crane incident has led to a safety warning from WorkSafe about the importance of inspecting cranes.

Crane owners and operators have been urged to conduct safety inspections of their cranes, following preliminary results of an investigation which revealed that a malfunction of the hoist rope termination assembly probably caused the fatal accident at the Box Hill site.

A worker in his 40s was killed and 2 other workers were injured, one seriously in the horrific accident.

A kibble containing concrete fell from a tower crane on the Box Hill site and struck the 3 workers.

WorkSafe notified the company of its findings and the company issued a cease work on all its Raimondo cranes until the completion of a safety audit.

The services of an independent expert has also been employed to verify that the firm’s audit is correctly conducted.

WorkSafe said  it is essential that all hoist-rope termination assemblies are inspected to ensure they are appropriately installed, compliant and functioning according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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