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Residents in Brisbane Sign petition for Later Construction Work

Brisbane residents want construction work to start later in the morning and have signed a petition in the hopes of being heard.

According to a report in the Brisbane Times, the petition was started by a resident in Woolloongabba who said that the 6:30am start time for construction work in the city is too early and should be pushed back.

In other parts of the country, like Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin construction work starts at 7am. In Sydney construction work in the suburbs only starts at 7:30am and 7am in the city.

The frustration of residents may be driven by the massive amount of development taking place in inner suburbs in Brisbane.

Residents say the noise is extreme including blasting of horns, dropping of materials from cranes, concrete cutting and vibrating noises etc. The petition says the noise affects residents sleep, concentration, mental and physical health.

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