A safety alert has been issued by SafeWork NSW reminding people that work with vehicles of the risks associated with the uncontrolled movement on vehicles.

In most cases where people are injured or killed by the uncontrolled movement of vehicles, the driver or operator is not in the driver’s seat at the time. This includes accidents involving cars, buses, trucks, vans, forklifts, tractors, mobile cranes and any other vehicles.

SafeWork said the uncontrolled movement of vehicles can occur because of a single reason or a combination of the following,

  • operator not engaging the brake at all or engaging it insufficiently.
  • operator exiting the vehicle while it’s still in gear
  • parking the vehicle on an incline
  • failure to inspect and/or maintain the braking system.


Find out more http://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/news/safety-alert/uncontrolled-movement-of-vehicles

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