Workplace Health and Safety Queensland released a safety alert highlighting the risk of trench collapse when a shoring box or trench support system doesn’t extend the full depth of the trench.
The warning comes after an incident last month involving a worker who was seriously injured when the ground collapsed in a trench, the worker was crushed.
Another incident occurred on the Gold Coast in 2016, when a shoring box did not extend for the entire depth of the trench, injuring the worker.
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said the collapse of any un-shored section of trench can occur because of a number of reasons including the type of ground, ground water, rain and loading applied to the ground. Wherever a trench is excavated below a shoring box, the weight of the shoring box can increase the likelihood of ground collapse because the trench wall has a load applied within its zone of influence. Read more about the safety alert at

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