A new study by the American Psychological Association claims that taking mental breaks after work will improve your sleep.

As we already know the quality of sleep we get is vital to our functioning at work and fatigue on the job can be a major health and safety concern. Getting good quality sleep is crucial to our health and safety, especially on high risk worksites.

This study reveals that taking mental breaks after work can actually help improve sleep quality.

The study involving 699 employees of the U.S. Forest Service had them rating the level of rude behaviour they experienced in the workplace, how often they had negative thoughts about work, whether they have insomnia symptoms and how much they were able to detach from work and relax.

Researchers also asked the respondents questions about issues previously linked with sleep issues such as the hours worked per week and frequency of alcoholic drinks consumed.

Lead author Caitlin Demsky, PhD, of Oakland University said experiencing rude or negative behaviours at work and bullying have been linked to more symptoms of insomnia.

If people are able to detach and relax after work, they are able to sleep better, Demsky said. She said the incivility in the workplace took its toll on sleep quality and the related negative thoughts were linked to other health problems.

The study’s authors also suggested employers introduce programs to reduce incivility in the workplace.

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