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Tens of Thousands of Jobs Created by Infrastructure Projects in WA

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Tens of thousands of jobs have apparently been created by the infrastructure projects underway in WA, according to Treasurer Mike Nahan.

Dr Nahan said WA’s unemployment rate had falled from 6.3 per cent in December to 5.9 per cent in January,  this was despite a national employment rate of 6.0 per cent, up from 5.8 per cent in the previous month.


The “more competitive” exchange rate also had something to do with the rise in employment in the state, as did lower oil prices, softer rents and availability of labour. The greatest impact however was from a multi-billion dollar infrastructure spend which Dr Nahan said had created tens of thousands of construction and supply jobs in the state.

Let’s hope the negative impact of the losses in the mining sector have come to an end with most of the workers who lost their jobs being assimilated into the construction sector in the state.

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