hamburgerHealth and safety has more to do with our overall health and wellbeing and not just with physical safety on the worksite than we often realise. We need to protect our health, particularly keeping in mind that construction workers are among the unhealthiest sector of the population, according to recent research.

A study recently looked into the kilojule content of 229 small meals and snacks from 25 Australian fast food chains. The findings were surprising. What’s even more surprising, is the amount of time it would take to burn off one of these meals.

Oporto, Guzman y Gomez, Grill’d, Crust, Coffee Club and Sumo Salad were some of the eateries examined with Zambrero’s Nachos Pork and Garlic Sauce topping the list at 5005kj per bowl. It would take you 4 hours and 8 minutes to walk off that meal.

If you want to eat fast food, skip the soft drinks, sauces and cheese to keep the kilojules down.



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