For Anyone in Brisbane, a sponsor message: Healthy Meals Delivered in Brisbane

mealstoyourdoor1-300x300For any of our blog readers who might be interested in healthy home-delivered meals in the Brisbane area, we’re pleased to provide a shout out to “Healthy Meals To Your Door“!

This company, founded by a Nutritionist, provides healthy and economical 5-day and 7-day meal plans, which conveniently arrive at your door in an ice-packed Eski on Tuesday mornings!  You simply put the first few days meals in the fridge, the rest in the freezer, and bingo!… your cooking is looked after for the week!

You can heat up the meals in a microwave, or in a saucepan / skillet / or the oven (recommended in preference to Nuking them!).

The cool thing is the company provides meal plans for vegetarians, Paleo Diet followers, Pescatarians, etc.  There’s even a full weight loss plan including meals and comprehensive education resources.

Go here to check the site out.