Are Hangovers Impacting Your Business


It is alarming to note that Australia fares the worst in the world when it comes to taking time off work due to sickness and a study by Flinders University found that more and more these sick days are as a result of alcohol and drug taking.

The study found that 11.5 million working days each year are lost to workers taking time off for alcohol and illicit drug related issues, costing Australia $3 billion annually – how much do you think its costing your business?

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Employers Beware of the Affects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Business

As we approach “Dry July” employers are being encouraged to recognise the negative affects of alcohol abuse on their business.

“Dry July” is an initiative that challenges adult participants to abstain from alcohol for the month in support of cancer patients.


In an article on, Drug Info Australia statistics were quoted which revealed that alcohol/drug abuse cost Australian workplaces an estimated  $6 billion per year in lost productivity. They also reveal that half of Australian workers drink at harmful levels.

Employers should address these issues in their workplace, for the health and safety of their workers and for the benefit of their business.


Which Jobs Make You Drink?

Alcohol drinking

According to data from the US Government miners and construction workers are more likely than people in other jobs to drink and take drugs.

The survey undertaken recently showed that construction workers in The US showed abnormally high levels of alcohol consumption, regardless of their age or gender.

Here in Australia, the male dominated nature of construction means that workers drink often and a lot. Many employers are implementing alcohol and drug programs.

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