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Attracting Apprentices to Construction

The construction industry is the largest industry in Western Australia and employs tens of thousands of people but attracting new people to the industry is a challenge faced around the country. One way that the state aims to attract and

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Is Construction’s Culture Repelling Women

In a recent report it was revealed that the construction industry’s masculine culture and underlying sexual harassment is forcing women out of the industry, even if they love their work. The report found that the completion rate for females in

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Attention: Building Apprentices Needed

The Master Builders Association is calling on the Tasmanian government to act now to address the shortage of skilled construction workers to work on projects planned to begin in the state soon. The association says apprentices need to be brought

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Apprentices on Construction Sites

It goes without saying that apprentices on high risk work sites such as construction sites are at a higher risk of injury and/or illnesses than other workers due to their inexperience and often times naievity. With the current shortage of

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Construction Apprenticeships: Building A Career Construction

Construction is booming across Australia and apartment approvals for this year are already at an all time high, but the number of apprentices entering the construction industry and completing their apprenticeship training is at an all time low, a problem

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