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Building Blocks from Mushrooms


These “toadstools” as they are called in Canada may be the future of building materials, having been made of oyster mushroom spores and sawdust.

The bricks were developed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. The group have been working to develop sustainable building materials. The researchers believe mushrooms could be used widely for insulation in North America. Mushrooms make a biodegradable structural alternative.

The researchers weren’t the first to discover the potential of mushrooms. In 2014 a U based design and engineering consultant unveiled a mushroom tower in New York.

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Making Our Buildings Earthquake Proof


A new anti-seismic brick has been developed that is expected to help improve the earthquake resistance of buildings without being excessively complex or expensive.

We have engineering researchers from Spain’s Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) to thank for the Sisbrick, which has been designed to use in partition walls of buildings to enhance the earthquake resistance of buildings. The bricks “insulate the primary structure from horizontal seismic motion”.

The brick can absorb horizontal seismic motion which is how it improves the integrity of buildings in the event of earthquakes.



Is This How They Will Build on Mars?


With the first human settlement on Mars to be established soon, researchers at Northwestern University think they may have found a solution to building shelters on Mars before the humans arrive.

Researchers have developed a concrete using sulfur and material that mimics Martian soil. The material is 2 times stronger that regular sulfur concrete and has stones and rocks that measure just 2 or 3 mm. Ordinary sulfur concrete that we use here on earth has aggregate particles of about 10mm.

This makes the concrete more fire resistant than traditional sulfur concrete. The sulfur also reacts differently to Mars soil, the sulfur acts like a glue and there is no reaction.

There is a possibility that the new concrete could be used to 3D print buildings before human settlers arrive.


Construction Technology Update: Pollution Extracting Bricks


Technology in construction is advancing at such a fast pace that we can barely keep up. The latest development is a brick that could alleviate a huge problem in every city around the world. The problem – pollution, the solution – pollution extracting bricks.

In a recent post on the transition by designers from simply reducing buildings’ emissions to working with techniques that remove pollutants from the air was discussed. One such system is Nemesi’s “photcatalytic’ facade for the Italy Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.

The facade captures and reacts with pollution in the presence of light. These technologies mostly affect the air that physically comes into contact with them by working like a vacuum cleaner, sucking in the air and cleansing it.

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Robot Builds Helix-like Lattice Facade out of Bricks

lattice facade

Swiss engineers have built a robot that stacks bricks in the most intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns, to create amazing building facades.

The pattern above seems to almost defy gravity. A robot arm is used to stack the bricks which are created with special hollowed-out honeycomb structures in their centers.

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