Accident with Drop Saw Sends Man to Hospital with Serious Injuries


An accident on a Queensland site has landed one man in his sixties in hospital. The man suffered serious injuries after an incident with a drop saw.

The man was rushed to Toowoomba Hospital for specialist treatment.

As an article I recently read points out, there are more than 8,000 hospital admissions each year over work related, hand and wrist injuries.

Many of  these admissions were construction workers who were injured on the job, while the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade industries are also high risk in relation to hand and wrist incidents.


Builder Fined For Bullying Apprentice


A builder has been fined $12,500 for bullying an apprentice in his employ over a 2 year period.

The bullying which came not only from the builder himself but other employees who he encouraged to join in on the bullying of the apprentice.

The bullying and harassment apparently only stopped when the apprentice left the job.

The teenage apprentice was subjected to extreme and shocking harassment and abuse including verbal, physical and psychological abuse.

A victim impact statement said that the apprentice still suffers  from anxiety, depression, nightmares and insomnia caused by the bullying.

This conviction serves as a reminder to those who use their positions of power over others to abuse and bully them that this is not acceptable and they will be brought to book for their unacceptable behaviour.

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Bullying in the workplace is Unacceptable


A Geelong carpenter has pleaded guilty to one rolled up charge for workplace bullying under the 2004 OHS Act for failing to provide a safe system of work to an apprentice worker.

The builder was charged $12,500 for bullying an apprentice over a period of 2 years until he left in April 2015.

The worker was subjected to repeated abuse and harassment during the 2 year period, including having a live mouse put down his shirt and being spat on by an employee. The apprentice was also drenched with water, slapped with timber, scraped with sandpaper and had hot drill saw bits held against his skin.

This case proves that bullying will not be tolerated in the workplace. See more

$25,000 Fine for Employer Responsible for Plasterer Fall

gavelFalls from heights still account for the most workplace injuries, particularly in the construction industry.

A recent incident is a reminder of the consequences of failing to ensure that employees and non-employees are not placed at risk.

A Geelong builder was convicted and fined $25,000 plus costs of $4000 for breaching the OHS Act 2004.

The conviction related to an incident that  happened on a construction site in Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula.

A plasterer was working on a work platform which did not have protective guard rails and fell head first off the platform.

The man suffered serious injuries including damage to his skull and spine.

Apparently the builder had a Safe Work Method Statement but the work had not been performed in accordance with the statement.

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Over 900 Non-compliant Doors Removed from Perth Children’s Hospital

perth childrens hosp

A builder has installed more than 900 faulty door frames at the Perth’s Children Hospital.

The 935 door frames will have to be replaced at the cost of the builder, after being installed by a Chinese owned company.

The company also previously installed 450m of faulty water pipes which had to be replaced.

These mistakes have caused setbacks for hospitalwhich was scheduled to open in 2015 but is now expected to open before the end of the year.

John Holland, the builder in charge of the build was due to hand over the hospital in late 2015 but fell behind.

The  facility will replace the ageing Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

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Case into Construction Worker Death Begins

steel piling

Remember the man killed at the South Hobart waste centre, a co-worker has just spoken out about safety concerns at site which the deceased worker was concerned about before his death.

Benjamin Wicks of South Arm was killed when a one tonne steel piling beam struck him at a work site in January 2013.

The victim was an experienced pile-driver who expressed his concerns about safety to his friend shortly before the fatal accident occured.

The man said the holes the beams were being placed into were not deep enough and he was worried about the skills of an excavator driver. Apparently his concerns were well founded.


Construction Claims 3 Lives in One Week in Perth

construction accident

The Perth construction industry claimed the lives of 3 workers in a single day on Wednesday, all deaths occuring within a matter of hours.

The first accident took place on an East Perth building site and resulted in the death of 2 Irish workers. The second incident occured at Alcoas Kwinana alumina refinery when a man fell a considerable height to his death.


These deaths are horrific reminders of the risks we face everyday on the building site. Let’s be extra vigilant in the lead up to Christmas as this time of the year is often marked by an increase in work related njuries.


Family of Irish Worker Killed in Perth Speak Out


A horrific accident has taken place on an East Perth construction site, claiming the lives of 2 young Irish workers.

The accident happened on Wednesday as a crane was hoisting a concrete slab, the slab fell and crushed the 2 workers.

The family of one of the workers Gerard Bradley described the ‘great void’ his death would leave in their lives.

Colleagues and friends of the workers on the site were left in shock by the sudden accident.

There are a large number of Irish workers in Australia, many of them involved in construction work.