Act Building Inspectors to be Available on Weekends

construction worker

Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe will be investigating the need for building inspectors to be made available on weekends to stop builders avoiding development rules.

The ACT’s work safety watchdog received complaints about an inner south construction company which had both a prohbition notice and stop notice issued this year for unapproved work on its business land.

McCabe said a 24 hour Work Safe hotline is available which enabled a Work Safe inspector to be called with powers enough to stop work until the next business day, at least.



Abu Dhabi Building its own Louvre

abu dhabi

The opening of Abu Dhabi’s Louvre has been postponed to 2016, after originally being scheduled for 2012.

The Abu Dhabi branch of the iconic French museum costing more than US$650million was pushed back due to construction delays.

According to reports the building boom in the UAE has resulted in a shortage of labourers, construction supplies and financing which has heavily impacted construction productivity, resulting in huge backlogs of work.

The Abu Dhabi Cultural District will also have its own Guggenheim museum.


Leading British Architect Says Melbourne Needs Better Buildings


According to leading British architect Amanda Levete, Melbourne needs better buildings despite being chosen as the world’s most liveable city.

Levete said that Melbourne still has a long way to go, particularly where its commercial buildings are concerned.

According to Levete the city needs more significant, carefully planned buildings and a higher quality. One of her suggestions was to tax developers whose projects don’t meet quality standards.


Study Shows Bullied Workers More Likely to Contemplate Suicide


Did you know that people bullied at work are more likely to contemplate suicide than other workers who have not been bullied? That’s according to a Norwegian study.

The study found that workers who were bullied were twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts than other workers. This is particularly concerning for the construction industry where the level of suicide is higher than other sectors. Employers in the construction industry need to recognise the importance of addressing bullying in the workplace.


Crane Used to Rescue Man After Construction Site Fall

crane rescue

Cranes had to be used to rescue a worker on a Castle Hill site recently resulting in the northbound lanes of Old Northern Rd being closed.

A spokesperson from NSW Ambulance said the 34 year old was a air-conditioning installer from Yagoona who fell off a ladder, about one meter to the 3rd floor.

The man suffered a fractured and dislocated ankle as a result of the fall.

There have been a number of falls on construction sites recently, highlighting the importance of a greater emphasis on work from heights safety in the construction industry.

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US And China To Build High-Speed Rail Between LA And Vegas

rail la to vegas

China has been given the go ahead to build a high speed rail from Los Angeles to Las Vegas called the XpressWest.

The railway will run 230 miles and will connect the 2 major cities in a mere 80 minutes.

Construction is set to kick off next year in September and is expected to cost US$7billion by the time its completed.

China is quite experienced in connecting cities via high speed rail and won this particular contract after years of negotiating.

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Impact of Excessive Construction Wages

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A recent article on construction website Sourceable. net looked at the effect of high construction wages in Victoria and whether this was killing Victorian jobs.

The article noted that excessive wage rises under enterprise bargaining agreements has resulted in construction workers getting paid significantly more than people in other sectors. This an industry lobby group says has negatively impacted social infrastructure development.

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