Developers in NSW to Cover Defect Costs


A report by the University of New South Wales has found that building defects are present in about 85 per cent of buildings since the year 2000 with the most common defects including shifting foundations, water leaks, wall cracks and tiling faults.

As a result the government has proposed a new system that would see developers paying a 2 per cent bond to cover the remedy of any defects.

A bill will be introduced to Parliament in October and the laws would likely be introduced in the new year.


Slow-down in Construction – HIA

construction worker

The end of the mining investment boom is continuing to hit the industry hard, according to the Australian Industry Group.

The latest HIA Performance of Construction Index indicates that the industry is in contraction, with engineering construction the worst performer. Residential construction across Australia remains high.

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Builder Paid Union Official to Avoid Stop Work Orders


A builder in the ACT has told the Royal Commission into trade unions that he paid the wife of a CFMEU official $30,000 to avoid “getting on the wrong side” of the union and to avoid the union issuing stop work orders which would have cost the builder substantially.

The Royal Commission is still going on but more and more allegations of bribery and corruption are being heard. Read more about this builders story here.