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Australia Could Lead the Way in Strong, Durable Concrete


According to a post on Australia could become a pioneer for the creation of durable and long lasting concrete if proposed changes for the criteria for concrete durabililty come to pass. It would mean Australia has the best standards for concrete production in the world.

The criteria would mean that concrete would become more sustainable and long lasting because according to experts international standards aren’t sufficient in addressing premature deterioration.

The post on quoted expert Farhad Nabavi from Xypex Australia who said that existing international standards governing concrete building materials fail to address one of the primary factors in its premature deterioration. The Australian standard would attempt to address this concern.

Bolivian City Builds Transportation System in the Sky

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With construction in the Bolivian city of La Paz already being complicated, because of its location high in the Andes Mountains, town planners have come up with a better way of connecting the city, rather than the more common railway network or roadway- instead a cable line.

Connecting the densely populated urban areas of La Paz is an intricate cable car system well above street level, using technology normally utilised by ski resort towns in the Alps. The result is the longest and highest  cable car network in the world.

The city is now planning to triple the cable car network.


Personal Protective Equipment not Optional on Work Sites


What do you think of this guy’s PPE?

Although this isn’t what personal protective equipment is, no work on a construction site should go on without the necessary PPE.

The very basic PPE for construction work include hard hats and safety boots but when work such as welding, crane operation, excavation etc. is taking place, there are additional PPE that are necessary. A site’s Safe Work Method Statement should provide more information about the PPE required.

Employers should ensure workers are provided with the necessary PPE and given the training on this equipment.

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Construction Advice: Properly Installing Pavers


Although most builders would say they could install pavers in their sleep, there are some seemingly small mistakes that can have a big  negative impact on the entire job. Here are a few tips to installing paving properly,

  • The area where pavers are installed should slope
  • The area should be compacted thoroughly
  • To prevent erosion, install edge restraints to prevent erosion.
  • Use the right sand and make sure you also spread it on top of the pavers. This will ensure it gets into the paver joints.



The International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) Coalition Launched


With the aim of enhancing comparability and harmonising costs, measurement definitions and classifications throughout the construction industry,  The International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) Coalition was recently launched.

The launch was held in Washington D.C at the International Monetary Fund and attended by 30 professional bodies from around the globe. The end game – internationally accepted standards in construction measurement.

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