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Perth Businesses Face Problems Recycling Asbestos Construction Waste

Authorities determined to recycle construction waste have been accused of laying the foundations for future asbestos victims by industry insiders. Perth contractors have complained that they are accumulating large stockpiles of construction waste which they cannot resell because there is

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Withstanding Nature through Construction Innovation

An innovative wave-shaped steel piping promises to enhance the durability of water and oil pipes that traverse earthquake prone fault lines. The piping which has undergone testing by engineers at Cornell University proved effective at staying intact under pressure. The

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Building Blocks from Mushrooms

These “toadstools” as they are called in Canada may be the future of building materials, having been made of oyster mushroom spores and sawdust. The bricks were developed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. The group have

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US Researchers Make Breakthrough in Concrete Production

An article I read on Sourceable.net  recently detailed a new, revolutionary invention that could significantly reduce carbon emissions from power plants. The cross-disciplinary team from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) have discovered a way to capture the carbon dioxide

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What the Construction Sector is Doing to Reduce the Asbestos

In an article on construction website Sourceable.net the importance of recognising and understanding the risks associated with exposure to asbestos and other hazardous materials was discussed. The writer highlighted the need for construction workers in Australia as well as engineerings

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Non-Compliant Cladding May Be Used on Gold Coast Buildings

An investigation has begun into the use of potentially flammable cladding on buildings on The Gold Coast. A forum was held by building ministers to discuss the problem at Bond University, following calls for federal attention. Among those calling for

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Making Our Buildings Earthquake Proof

A new anti-seismic brick has been developed that is expected to help improve the earthquake resistance of buildings without being excessively complex or expensive. We have engineering researchers from Spain’s Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) to thank for the Sisbrick,

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Prefabricated Factory to Open in Sydney Soon

As the adoption of prefabricated construction methods spreads around Australia and the world, Sydney is going to get a new factory that will push the construction method to new heights. Lendlease will open their prefabricated materials factory in Sydney next

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Are we Using Insulating Concrete Forms Enough?

We’ve already spoken about the benefits of timber construction and prefabricated construction, improving construction productivity and effiency but another durable form of construction uses Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). An article on Sourceable.net asked the question, are insulating concrete forms underused in

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Australia Could Lead the Way in Strong, Durable Concrete

According to a post on Sourceable.net Australia could become a pioneer for the creation of durable and long lasting concrete if proposed changes for the criteria for concrete durabililty come to pass. It would mean Australia has the best standards for

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