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Queensland Government Acts on Non-Conforming Building Products

The Queensland Government is trying to address the problem of non-conforming products on the building and construction industry in the state with the introduction of a Bill. The 2013 report from the Australian Industry Group (AIG) highlighted the issue, making

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Solar Shingles the Latest Product Released by Teslas

Tesla’s latest product was recently revealed by Elon Musk during a presentation in LA. The product is solar panel roofing that come in 4 different styles. What makes them different to other solar panels? In the words of Musk “the

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National Approach to Building Safety

Thankfully building ministers from around the country have come together to establish a national response to the use of non-conforming building products. The Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni hailed the decision as one that would restore

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Non-Compliant Cladding May Be Used on Gold Coast Buildings

An investigation has begun into the use of potentially flammable cladding on buildings on The Gold Coast. A forum was held by building ministers to discuss the problem at Bond University, following calls for federal attention. Among those calling for

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Construction Technology Update: Pollution Extracting Bricks

Technology in construction is advancing at such a fast pace that we can barely keep up. The latest development is a brick that could alleviate a huge problem in every city around the world. The problem – pollution, the solution

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3D Printed Concrete Panels – Latest in Construction Technology

These days just about anything can be 3D printed including building materials and in fact 3D printed building products are more affordable and light weight. It also cuts down on the volume of concrete needed. Watch this machine 3D Print

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