Review Recommends Industrial Manslaughter Introduction

Former Safe Work Australia executive director Marie Boland, recently made 34 recommendations including a call for an industrial manslaughter offence to be implemented nationwide.

Industrial manslaughter laws are currenly in effect in the ACT and Queensland. Labour has pledged to introduce the laws in NSW and Victoria.

The federal government said it would not support a national industrial manslaughter law, saying that the law did not bring down the rate of workplace deaths since being introduced in The ACT.

The mother of Ben Catanzariti, the young worker killed on a construction site, has been adamantly calling for consistent workplace laws across Australia. Ms Catanzariti said it would be easier to make companies do the right thing if uniform laws were introduced throughout the country.

An industrial manslaughter charge would make employers more liable for gross negligence or workplace fatalities.

Man Loses Foot in Construction Accident


A construction accident in West Melbourne has resulted in the loss of a foot for a construction worker.

The 40 year old man was at work on an external lift at a luxury apartment development – the Melbourne Village Complex at the time.

The man’s foot was clipped and he was rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital for treatment. Surgeons were not able to save the foot which had to be amputated.


Brooklyn Civil Construction Company Fined for Fatal Workplace Incident

The health and safety failings of a Brooklyn civil construction company have led to it being charged over an incident in 2017 when a worker was crushed by a road roller.

The tragic incident took place in October 2017 when a worker was helping load a roller onto a tray truck in a depot and the it rolled, the 58 year old man died as a result.

The company is alleged to have failed to provide a safe system of work and failed to provide relevant training and instruction.

The matter was brought before the Mildura Magistrates’ Court and listed for a committal mention on June 11.

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Ballarat Families of Fallen Workers Call for Industrial Manslaughter Laws

At the moment existing laws permit a corporation to be charged with the crime of negligent manslaughter however most lawyers have managed to identify obstacles to getting a conviction. Prosecutors have to identify a grossly negligent individual who embodies the company and whose conduct can be attributed to the corporation.

Elevator Crash on Construction Site Claims 11 Lives


A construction accident in northern China has killed 11 people and injured 2 others.

A lift fell on a construction site in the Hebei province recently, at a residential property development.

Two of the injured were taken to a local hospital in a stable condition while the other 11 died at the scene.

Police and health and safety officials are said to be investigating the accident which witnesses say happened in seconds.

The company had early said the project was making good progress due to ” reasonable construction with maximum efficiency”.  Read more at:

Man Crushed on Darwin Worksite


A man has died in a workplace accident in the Northern Territory.

The 30 year old man was crushed to death by machinery at a site in Darwin.

Northern Territory Police said the incident appeared to be a tragic accident but together with NT WorkSafe, they would be investigating.

The 30 year old victim hails from Katherine.

Investigators assessed an excavator loaded into the back of a truck with crime scene tape still around the area.


New Company Wants to Bring Autonomous Excavators to the Construction Industry

A start-up tech company want’s to take self driving technology to the construction site, by adapting the technology for excavators and construction machinery.

The company wants to modify excavators and other construction machinery to be autonomous, so that human labour can be freed up to undertake more complex tasks.The compay says this will address the shortage of trained drivers.

The company called Built Robotics said tuning excavators with technology that allow them to drive themselves and do basic tasks such as earth  moving, will leave more time for skilled drivers to do the most complicated tasks that require more expertise.


WorkSafe Investigating Fatal Roof Fall Incident in Victoria


A man has been killed in central Victoria after falling from a roof.

The man, believed to be in his 60s, fell from a roof and became impaled on a metal picket.

The man was working with another on a verandah roof in Neilborough, near Bendigo when the fall took place.

The cause of the fall is not yet known however WorkSafe is investigating.

This is another example of the horrific consequences of a lack of fall protection. Ensure that even when working from a perceived ‘low’ height, the proper fall prevention and fall protection controls are implemented and utilised.


Steel Rod Pierced Worker’s Skull on Construction Site


A construction worker from Central India has managed to survive a horrific workplace incident after being impaled in the skull and undergoing emergency surgery.

The 21 year tradie fell into a well at a worksite and an iron rod passed through his skull from the right temporal region of his brain to the left frontal region.

The man was rushed to hospital and underwent a 90 minute surgery.

The man is lucky to be alive but this incident is an example of the consequences of a lack of fall protection.


Worker’s Crushing Injuries Result in $90,000 Fine for Earthmoving Company

An earthmoving firm has been given a $90,000 fine after a worker was crushed under the body of a dump truck in June 2016.

The 26 year old victim was working beneath the body of a dump truck when the incident, described as avoidable, took place.

The Sydney-based civil construction and plant hire services company was sentenced for failing to maintain a safe working environment.

The dump body was carrying 30 tonnes of soil at the time when it was lowered onto the experienced repairer.

The dump truck body was not properly locked and it lowered, crushing the man.

The worker was not provided with adequate safety training for repair and maintenance work and therefore was not able to identify safety measures such as ensuring the dump body was locked in the maximum holding position by lever and dump body locks, WorkSafe said

This incident serves as a reminder to companies about the importance of ensuring workers are properly trained and that they have documented Safe Work Procedures in place to protect workers.

In the construction industry, every worker must be in possession of a White Card, proving they have completed the mandatory federal requirement for general construction site safety training.