Mid Year Skyscraper Forecast Reveals Buildings Getting Taller

Caption: The recently completed One World Trade Centre in New York
Source: Sourceable.net

With skyscrapers dominating the skylines of most metropolitan cities, mid-year data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) reveals that a staggering number of skyscrapers are under construction.

Of the 626 skyscrapers under construction, 349 of these are being built in China.

While the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s current tallest building at 828 metres, it will soon be replaced by The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah which will stand at 1000 metres once complete.

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Improving Construction Worker Mental Health


construction worker
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The challenging and sometimes stressful environment of construction can cause mental health issues among workers if not properly dealt with.

The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention indicates that construction workers are more than twice as likely to commit suicide than the general population -an alarming revelation.

Employers need to ensure they are actively addressing workers mental health issues, as they do with their physical wellbeing.

An informative post on Sourceable.net provides some insight into the issue and what can be done to improve mental health among construction workers. Click here for more.

Industry Leaders Concerned about the Risk of Imported Construction Materials

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Construction industry leaders have warned that sub-standard, imported building materials plaguing the Australian construction landscape are putting lives at risk.

The concern over non-compliant building materials has reached its pinnacle with industry leaders expressing their concern.

Experts have also called for signing off on new buildings to be “better regulated”.


Attention Contractors – Tips to Hiring the Right Construction Professionals

construction worker
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When it comes to success in the construction industry, much of it has to do with hiring the right people for the job. I found some tips on qualities to look for in employees here.

In addition to experience, skills qualification and other personal attributes that suit the company and vision, it is also important that employees in the construction sector are in possession of a White Card – this is a pre-requisite for work in the construction industry in Australia. Visit out homepage for more.

Workman Crushed by Falling Glass

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A major London refurbishment has turned into the site of a tragedy after a workman was crushed by a sheet of falling glass.

A Central London office block undergoing a huge renovation was the scene of a tragedy when a worker was killed on Friday 6th June 2015.

The large pane of glass fell from a crane as it was hoisted up the side of the building.

An investigation is underway, but this incident is another tragic reminder of the risks associated with construction work.

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Fatal Collapse of Temporary Structure, an Eye-opening Reminder


An incident that took place on a construction site in the UK is a harsh reminder of the importance of stability relating to temporary structures.

All too often, not much attention is given to temporary structures because they are temporary, but construction worker Ionel Soci paid the ultimate price because of this attitude.

The tragic incident is under investigation by UK Health and Safety inspectors.

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Perth Apartment Boom Shows No Signs of Decline

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According to a post on News.com.au Perth’s high-rise building boom is continuing, with more than 15,000 apartments sold off the plan or approved for development.

Property consultancy firm, Urbis say 2832 of the 9427 “active” apartments are left on the market, all the others have been sold.

The boom in apartment construction is definitely not showing any signs of abating soon.


Young worker dies on Renovation site

Yet another construction death has occurred due to an electrocution on a site in the town of Yallourn North, Gippsland recently. This time a 25 year old worker lost his life while working on a housing renovation project.

The man was electrocuted only a matter of hours after another young worker was killed on a building site in Caulfield South when part of the building collapsed.  These incidents bring the number of workplace fatalities in Victoria this year already to 12.

The man was working in the kitchen of the home renovation site when he suffered the electrocution around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Work Safety Authorities reminded the public that this fatality is the second in a period of just 7 hours following the death of the 20 year old worker on the Caulfield site.

WorkSafe Chief Executive, Denise Cosgrove expressed sympathy to the families and friends of both victims and described the incidents as terrible tragedies.

As she also explained, the tragic news highlights the importance of constantly keeping safety as the main priority in all workplaces because you never know when a freak accident like this could occur.