New Ultra-Portable Barrier System Designed to Protect Workers

Equipment supplier SafetyMITS recently launched a new portable barrier system which the supplier says was designed with purpose of protecting workers and the general public in mind.

The rapid roll barrier storage cartridge and rapid post system creates a clearly outlined protective zone to protect workers and the public on work sites such as building projects.

The company describes the system as a rapid roll barrier system making it quick and easy to create a worksite perimeter. This will not only increase security, but minimising the set-up time will increase work efficiency. It is also easy to retract the system when necessary.

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Solar Shingles the Latest Product Released by Teslas


Tesla’s latest product was recently revealed by Elon Musk during a presentation in LA. The product is solar panel roofing that come in 4 different styles. What makes them different to other solar panels? In the words of Musk “the key is to make solar look good”, which is what this product does.

The tiles have a special coating that changes depending on the viewing angle. The coating becomes transparent when seen directly from the angle of the street making it inconspicuous, camouflaging it essentially. Underneath the coating are the solar cells.