Construction Begins on Sydney $40m Bridge

Sydney’s newest pedestrian and cycle bridge is under construction in North Ryde.

The bridge which costs $40 million to build will cross Delhi Road and the Hills M2 Motorway, connecting Macquarie Park, North Ryde railway station and the Lachlan’s Line residential development in Macquarie Park.

Landcom, the state government’s land and development organisation is responsible for the bridge and Lacklan’s Line.

Not only is the project  creating jobs, it is helping the thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who will use the bridge every day. It is expected to be near completion around 2019.

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Queensland’s Five Year Plan to Improve Health and Safety in the Workplace

Queensland has a 5 year plan which will make the state safer, its Work Health and Safety Board says. The peak advisory board, made up of representatives from employer associations, trade unions and academia came up with the plan in response to the recommendations of the Best Practice Review into Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

According to Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace, the plan is a reflection of new and contemporary thinking, having taken current and emerging global trends into consideration as well as how they impact work health and safety across industry workplaces, community and the government.

Over the next 5 years, the board has identified 4 main areas that it will focus on, including

  1. Embracing innovation and technology
  2. Designing health and safe work
  3. Fostering a culture of health and safety.
  4. Effective regulation

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Couple Lucky to Be Alive After Crane Falls on House


A couple in Melbourne had a close call with a 33 tonne drilling rig that crashed through the roof their house.

The elderly couple’s home was devastated by the falling crane recently after annoyed neighbours complained that it was an accident waiting to happen. Residents had called in to their local council to complain prior to the incident.

The crane shattered the roof of the house, smashed tiles and sent bricks flying all around.

The 2 grandparents were at home at the time and were lucky to escape uninjured when the crane collapsed onto their home. The crane was in use on the construction site next door and was being loaded onto the back of a semi-trailer.

The driver of the crane was not injured.

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Tunneling Under Sydney Harbour to Build Sydney Metro Rail

Most people aren’t aware of the massive undertaking going on in Sydney, but the construction of the Sydney Metro Rail is fascinating to those working in construction. For those people this video is a real treat and even those who aren’t interested in construction can appreciate how much work and effort is going in to the project.

The fascinating video below shows how workers embarked on tunneling under Sydney Harbour for the massive project.


SafeWork SA Apologise for Failing Victims after Failed Prosecution

SafeWork SA has apologised for the failed prosecution of a construction company following a fatal incident that caused injury to 2 women in Adelaide’s CBD.

The women were crushed by a steel construction gate in 2016 when it fell on them at North Terrace, causing them to sustain serious injuries.

SafeWork apologised to the victims after admitting to failing to secure evidence. Following the incident, SafeWork SA embarked on an immediate investigation.

SafeWork SA executive director Martyn Campbell admitted that SafeWork should have done better to secure evidence.

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WA Tougher Penalties for Workplace Offences

Western Australia has introduced tougher penalties for workplace safety offences that are more consistent with the national model Work Health and Safety Act.

These are some of the changes,

  • The new maximum term of imprisonment has been increased from 2 years to 5 and there are also increases in fines for corporate bodies.
  • Level 1 penalties have increased to $450,000 from just $50,000 for initial offenders and repeat offenders to $570,000 from $62,500.
  • Under the amendments, level 4 offences now carry a maximum $2.7 million penalty for first time offenders (up from $500,0001) and for subsequent offenders $3.5 million (from $625,000).


Toolkit Launched to Improve NSW Health and Safety


To coincide with National Safe Work Month, a new self assessment toolkit has been released in NSW, to improve workplace health and safety in the state.

The toolkit Easy to Do Work Health and Safety will make it simpler for small businesses to comply with their health and safety obligations, according to Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean.

Workplace injuries costs the economy more than $950 million in 2016/17 and the state lost a total of 472,320 weeks in injury during that time.

A survey in 2017 also found that the majority of businesses found health and safety laws to a burden for businesses.With more than 700,000 small businesses in NSW, it’s crucial that they are compliant to WHS laws.

The toolkit provides a free, self-assessment and links to the relevant advice and services and assists small businesses identify practical steps to provide health and safety.

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Essential Energy Urges Workers To Locate Cables before Excavation


Workers involved with renovations or excavating have a legal obligation to identify the location of underground networks beforehand, Essential Energy has warned.

Essential Energy’s head of health, safety and environment Christine Withycombe reminded workers to contact Dial Before You Dig prior to excavating to identify electricity, gas, telecommunications and water networks.

She explained that identifying networks before work begins would reduce the risk of death or serious injury to workers and the general public.

She highlighted that identifying networks beforehand is part of a statutory requirement under the Electricity Supply Act. Despite this legal obligation Essential Energy continues to receive regular reports of incidents involving machinery that has damaged underground cables. Workers are reminded that these mistakes carry a heavy financial penalty.

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Construction Excavation Reveals Large Ancient Cemetery

Construction workers around the world never know what treasure they may stumble upon during excavations which is one of the reasons the construction industry is so exciting and the latest discovery has unearthed an archeological treasure dating back 5000 years.

The ancient cemetery was found in an agricultural basin near the Albanian town of Korca. The cemetery with 1000 layered graves was discovered during gas pipeline construction.

It will provide experts with more insight into the history of the area, in a country that was historically isolated by communist rule for decades.

The excavations were taking place near the village of Turan when workers found traces of a rare Neolithic settlement demarcated by holes in the ground that supported the decayed wooden skeletons of small huts.


Traumatic Spinal Risks High in Construction Sector

Photo source: Pixabay

A new study led by UNSW Sydney and the University of Sydney found that workers in the construction and transport industries have a higher risk of traumatic spinal injuries than people in other sectors.

Researchers say there’s a need for more effective safety and prevention measures, following the study that investigated 824 cases of people admitted to NSW hospitals over 3 years with work related traumatic spinal injuries.

The study found that 50 per cent of the work related spinal injuries occurred in the construction industry.

It’s obvious that as an industry we need to do more to tackle this safety issue.

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