What are the Benefits of a Construction Job?

It isn’t just young people considering whether to embark on a career in construction. Even some more seasoned in the working world are now weighing the pros and cons of the industry, as the booming market tempts people to make a change.

But what would you benefit?

Well most construction workers love the excitement of a buzzing, productive environment and seeing the actual fruits of your labour when the project is completed. Others love the innovative designs, modern equipment being used (such as drones and exoskeletons) as well as ever improving techniques to create bigger, better and safer buildings.

Other benefits to consider:

  • When you work within construction industry you will be a member of a very important team and you will be making a difference to your community, building it up for future generations.
  • Nothing can compare to the job satisfaction that comes from knowing your work will stand for many decades, and be used and enjoyed by numerous people.
  • If you live in Australia another major benefit is the fact that construction sites in our nation are among the safest in the world. Australian construction sites are forced to abide by strict standards which dictate that employers provide a safe work environment and a safe system of work to their employees.
  • Another reason construction workers in Australia are better off than their counterparts in some other countries is because Construction Safety Training is a mandatory requirement. Everyone who enters the industry has to complete a White Card course, either in person at a training institute or online with a Registered Training Provider. This ensures that everyone who walks onto the construction site for work, has at least a basic safety knowledge.
  • Workers who begin as apprentices in their trades can find themselves making it up the ladder quickly, with many planning on opening their own businesses in the future. Much of the work in this field is subcontracted which makes the opportunity to be your own boss a possibility.
  • The current skills shortage in the construction sector is another major benefit. Employers are seeking people skilled in all the construction trades as well as professionals such as architects, engineers etc. The Department of Employment has created a number of Occupational reports on the construction trades for each state which indicate that shortages are rife in most fields in all states.
Source: Sourceable.net

Another major benefit of construction is that it allows you to travel. Many construction workers travel around and even across borders as projects are completed and new ones arise. Because the White Card issued by us online is nationally recognised, once you complete the course with us you can use your White Card as proof of having completed general construction safety training anywhere in the country.


The Wonder of Construction – Bridges

Ever looked at a building or structure and wondered what went into constructing it? Like this magnificent and iconic bridge!

sanfran bridge
Source: BorntoBuild.co.uk

The question is often asked “How was this bridge built across a river with solid rock on one side and marsh land on the other?”

The answer can be found on BorntoBuild.co.uk

A cantilever bridge was built with the tower built on the solid rock.


Workers Face Huge Fine

cfmeu workers
Source: CFMEU.net.au

40 Construction workers are each facing possible fines of up to $10,200. Fair Work Building and Construction have accused the workers of stopping work without permission on the construction site at Queensland University of technology.

Fair Work has also launched federal proceedings against the country’s largest construction union and an official for apparently causing disruptions which resulted in 2 major concrete pours being delayed.

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Treatment of Apprentices to be Inspected

Source: Sourceable.net

The treatment of apprentices will take centre stage when the Fair Work Ombudsman begins its crackdown on employers payment and treatment of these workers soon.

In the past Fair Work has noticed that 400,000 apprentices begin apprenticeships but only half of these complete their training, possibly due to unfair treatment of wage issues.

Employers need to ensure apprentices are being fairly treated, properly compensated for work and adequately trained including receiving White Card training.

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New “Living” Concrete Repairs Itself

Source: www.concretenetwork.com

Could a new type of concrete that repairs itself be the future of construction?

Concrete is the most popular building material worldwide and has been for almost 2000 years. However despite being so strong concrete eventually cracks and can result in collapse.

A new type of concrete has been developed which may put an end to all that. Professor Henk Jonkers, of Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands believes he has come up with a solution to the cracking concrete dilemma – a “living”, “self-repairing” concrete.

The professor has incorporated bacterial into concrete used in building, to create a type of “bio-concrete” which heals itself.

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Sunshine Coast Tradies Celebrate New Palmview Development

residential construction
Source: newsystemhomes.com.au

The construction industry in Palmview is apparently celebrating after the news of a major housing development was announced.

Sunshine Coast Council recently finalised an infrastructure agreement with developer Investa Land for the Palmview Structure Area which will house at least 16,000 residents and 3 schools.

Builders in the area who are already busy, are excited at the opportunity to be even busier. The project is expected to take 15-20 years to complete.

If you or someone you know is planning on cashing in on these opportunities in the construction sector,  remember they must first complete White Card training.

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Construction Industry Tackling Gender Gap

Source: asunews.asu.edu

Currently only 12 per cent of people in construction are females. The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is reminding us why it is so important for a shift to occur so that more females enter this male dominated industry.

A national conference will be held in October this year to tackle the issue in more depth. The 2 day conference will be held at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park in Melbourne from October 8-9, 2015.

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