Accident with Drop Saw Sends Man to Hospital with Serious Injuries


An accident on a Queensland site has landed one man in his sixties in hospital. The man suffered serious injuries after an incident with a drop saw.

The man was rushed to Toowoomba Hospital for specialist treatment.

As an article I recently read points out, there are more than 8,000 hospital admissions each year over work related, hand and wrist injuries.

Many of  these admissions were construction workers who were injured on the job, while the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade industries are also high risk in relation to hand and wrist incidents.


Man Narrowly Escapes Death on Roy Hill site


Last Saturday was not a good day for one worker who suffered minor injuries after falling at a Roy Hill worksite.

The worker was working on the top level of a secondary sizer scalping platform when he stepped backwards, resulting in a small section of a gridmesh from the walkway dislodging. The man then fell through the hole.

The site had to be shut down for an audit on Monday. The contractor was lucky that his injuries weren’t more severe.



The injured contractor has since returned to work.


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