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Advice for Handling Bullying on the Job

An interesting article on PerthNow.com.au discussed what to do when you are being bullied on a work site and in particular what to do when that bullying comes from your boss. Workplace bullying is described as the repeated and unreasonable

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How Employers Can Prevent Workplace Bullying

Together with the release of WorkSafe Victoria’s video on bullying for employees, they have also released this video detailing the responsibilities of employers when it comes to workplace bullying. As an employer, this video will help you identify your obligations.

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Video Details Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can be confusing topic for some people. It is possible that people don’t know that they’re the victims of bullying in the workplace or worse, that they’re perpetrator. In this video employees can get a clear understanding on

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Builder Fined For Bullying Apprentice

A builder has been fined $12,500 for bullying an apprentice in his employ over a 2 year period. The bullying which came not only from the builder himself but other employees who he encouraged to join in on the bullying

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Bullying in the workplace is Unacceptable

A Geelong carpenter has pleaded guilty to one rolled up charge for workplace bullying under the 2004 OHS Act for failing to provide a safe system of work to an apprentice worker. The builder was charged $12,500 for bullying an

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Know Bull! Day Observed Nationally

Yesterday was Know Bull! Day which was observed around the country as a day to end bullying in the workplace. Bullying has become a major concern in the workplace and in construction particularly. A number of workers have  taken their

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White Card Update: Addressing Bullying From Senior Staff

Employers should understand the importance of addressing bullying in the workplace but we need to recognise that bullying doesn’t always occur horizontally, between employees or colleagues, bullying can also occur from the top down. A recent case which took place

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WorkCover Tasmania launches Workplace Bullying Research

WorkCover Tasmania has launched a new workplace bullying research initiative with the hope of developing strategiesand measures to overcome the problem. Despite attempts by workplace authorities to clamp down on bullying in the workplace, it is still rife among the

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Dealing with Harassment in the workplace

A key problematic issue identified in the building industry is bullying. Bullying has been linked to depression and a high suicide rate in the construction industry. In this post I attempt to discuss the problem of workplace harassment and how

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Warning to Employers: Beware of Subordinate Bullying

When we think of Bullying in the workplace we commonly assume it occurs at the hands of a co-worker but bosses can often times also be bullies, a problem they are being warned about by authorities. Not only does bullying

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