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Serious Safety Incident Leads to WorkSafe ACT Investigation

A serious safety incident has happened at a high rise residential construction site in Braddon. WorkSafe ACT is investigating the incident. A safety inspector visited the site following a report that prefabricated concrete panels collapsed into a lift shaft. Reports

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Cracks in Bridge Before Collapse

Six people were killed and a number of others were injured in a bridge collapse in Florida recently. Now it has come to light that an engineer from the company reported cracks in the bridge 2 days before the tragedy

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Eight Killed in Construction Cave-in in China

A cave-in at a subway line construction site in southern China has claimed the lives of 8 people while 3 others are still missing. The government confirmed that 9 workers were rescued and were in a stable condition in Guangdong

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Video Shows Scaffolding Collapse

The construction collapse that claimed 74 lives last week in Beijing China, is one of the worst construction accidents of the year. Workers were conducting repairs to a power plant when the scaffolding built around a tower collapse. Let’s see

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Wall Collapses Amid Safety Concerns

Another example of the need for White Card training has been presented on a Melbourne construction site. A wall on a building site has collapsed, just a day after the CFMEU, WorkSafe and the council identified it as unsafe to

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Taiwan Earthquake Building Collapse

The collapse of a high rise building in Taiwan following an earthquake, claimed numerous lives and injured dozens more, but the biggest controversy to come out of the ordeal is the discovery of used cans in the centres of pillars

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Melbourne Building Site Collapses

Residents have been evacuated after a collapse at a building site in Melbourne. This townhouse was left on the edge of a massive pit when the next door building site collapsed. The site was being excavated so that construction of

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Fatal Collapse of Temporary Structure, an Eye-opening Reminder

An incident that took place on a construction site in the UK is a harsh reminder of the importance of stability relating to temporary structures. All too often, not much attention is given to temporary structures because they are temporary,

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Construction Worker Partially Buried during Accident on Site

A Michigan construction accident stemming from work in a trench almost claimed the life of a 40 year old man recently. The man was fortunate to escape death when the walls of a trench he was working in collapsed, trapping

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