New Law to Prevent Construction Deaths

New laws have been proposed to parliament by the Palaszcuzuk Government  that will increase powers of the state’s regulator to take action if there is a threat to the safety of workers on construction sites.

The laws come as a reaction to the fatalities in the construction industry which have increased over the last few years.

The recommendations of the Coroner in an Inquest highlighted the need for the building regulator, in this case the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to be notified where serious injury or death had occurred at a construction site.

Under the new law, QBCC licensees will have an obligation to notify the QBCC about any activity that may be a health and safety concern.

The QBCC will be given powers to suspend or cancel a QBCC licence if the licensee has caused death or grievious bodily harm to a person on a building site or caused a risk to the health and safety of a person.

The laws also allow a licence to be cancelled or suspended if the licensee has been convicted of an offence against plumbing, work health and safety laws or other relevant laws.

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