The White Card Is Now National

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The National OHS laws commenced on 1 January 2012 for the Commonwealth, some States and all Territories. This now means that the General Construction Induction Training and whitecard issued in one State is now recognised by all State workplace regulators.

This has been achieved through some States and Territories adopting the National OHS laws and remaining States continuing their current laws.  The objective of a national whitecard has now been achieved some 3 years after the first enactment of laws adopting the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work in all States and Territories.

Please note that some State regulators still only allow their State’s local RTOs to provide face to face.  This does not affect whitecards issued interstate, as these whitecards are acknowledged by all State and Territory work health and safety regulators as being valid.

A national White Card can be obtained through online learning and used in any State or Territory.

So, if you want the convenience of online whitecard training for your employees, contractors and sub-contractors, Urban E-Learning can meet your needs Australia wide.

Discover more about our White Card Course here.

The National OHS laws also introduced new provisions for Persons Controlling a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), allowing the PCBU to provide the General Construction Induction Training.  If you prefer a uniform approach to your whitecard learning, Urban E-Learning  can provide your own purchasing portal.

Where you require a customised course for General Construction Induction Training or need someone to manage your training needs for General Construction Induction Training, Urban E-Learning can meet all of your needs and provide accurate reports for compliance and audit purposes.

Please see our website at for more detail on how we meet the requirements of each State and Territory regulator.


The National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work (ASCC May 2007) underpins the course CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry.

Based on successful completion of this course students will receive a Statement of Attainment and where requested issued with a whitecard for use nationally.

The whitecard is recognised by all regulators under their respective laws, as meeting the local requirements for a valid whitecard.


Different Jobs in Construction – White Card Online

Career Paths – White Card Online

There are a series of different categories in which construction jobs fall under, and White Card Online (providing you with a Construction Induction Card) can help you choose where you might want to fit in. Remember, though, that you can always set yourself up to do multiple jobs, you don’t have to stick to the same job forever. It is a simple case of re-training that needs to be undertaken. White Card Online can give you the tools to enter the construction industry, and from there the job of choice on the site is completely up to you; but remember that you can work anywhere in Australia, whether it be mining in WA, or housing development in NSW, the choice is yours! White Card Online presents the following career paths in construction, and remember to go with what you enjoy, not what’s most convenient.

White Card Online Shows You Different Construction Areas

There are several different paths that you can take when entering the construction industry, and this may guide you’re future path so it is important you are informed about each job you may take. Check out this site for more information on each job and where it could take you in the future.

General Building Construction

General building construction consists of building such establishments as office buildings, houses, hospitals, plants, schools, churches and government buildings. If you are interested in this kind of building then it means that you would like to work in domestic/city environments. So you could be a simple contractor or specialize in something such as crane operation. This kind of building is a careful and may involve working with heights, but you need to be able to follow building plans exclusively as any minor error in laying the foundations could be a serious safety hazard, as White Card Online teaches.

Highway Construction

White Card Online teaches that highway construction can be a viable option. It mostly consists of road and bridge building, but can be done in remote areas so you have to be prepared for all terrains. Amongst the other roles in this job, you will generally be doing the following:

Grade separations



Moving earth


Heavy Construction

Heavy construction offers a lot more high risk work, and is often the kind of job that requires a lot of re-location; although the white card online course gives you the tools that will let you work anywhere in Australia. The kind of work you will receive in this section of construction could be building airports, railroads, tunnels, military bases, and doing flood control projects.

Utilities Construction

Utilities construction is also a dangerous trade, but it can also be very rewarding and often require maintenance which means constant work for you if you find yourself more interested in that industry. This section of construction has jobs within pipeline installations, sanitation projects, power plants, transmission stations, and waterworks.

White Card Online
But to get a job within the construction industry, your employer first needs to see that you have obtained your White Card via a number of ways, but the fastest and clearest being the completion of the White Card Online course.

Also, check out the video below about the construction on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and remember that you could go into the bridging industry too!


When You Have A Deadline

In construction you will find that there is always a deadline. People want something done by a particular date, and for some reason that date never falls in your favor. But you should note that even if you have a deadline, this does not mean that you should rush construction. Not only does this mean that you are more prone to taking shortcuts, but you are also more prone to having an accident and injuring a coworker or yourself. Just don’t do it!

White Card Online

If you have a boss that is making you rush things, then he is in the wrong. Sometimes it is important to work fast AND safe, but if you don’t think that you are up to the task then you should have someone more skilled assigned to it. This is the kind of thing that is taught in the white card online course – so get online and take it today!


White Card Allows You to Move to Where The Work Is

Having a Construction Induction Card (White Card) allows you to work on any site in any location (Australia wide). So, if the work in the state that you are in is slow, then you can simply go to where the work is. This news story depicts such a situation, where work on construction sites in Victoria, Canada is slow. If it was Victoria, Australia then because the workers have a white card they would easily be able to work in another state if such an opportunity arose.

White Card

So get your white card as soon as possible with our straightforward online course, so you can open up all employment opportunities.

Construction Accidents To Avoid!

The video that you can see above details some of the more unfortunate construction accidents. While some of them may be pretty hilarious, they are none the less dangerous! But it’s ok, so long as you follow the white card safety precautions you shouldn’t have any of these things happen to you….unless you’re really unfortunate! Either way, go online and get your white card brisbane (or any city) to start constructing safely!