CFMEU Wants All States to Review Cladding Products

aluminium cladding

The CFMEU says all states should conduct an urgent audit of aluminium cladding products after it came to light that cheap, imported, sub-standard aluminium cladding was behind the fire at the 21-storey apartment complex at Docklands in November 2014.

The product was found to be highly flammable, which caused the fire to spread rapidly through the building, raising fears that a similar incident may repeat itself if an urgent national audit isn’t conducted.

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Record Levels of Home Building Activity Boost Building Materials Prices

foreign-construction-workerFigures released by The Australian Bureau of Standards show that as housing construction activity remains high in most parts of the country, the high demand has also boosted the cost of building materials.

Consumers will feel the pinch particularly when purchasing products such as plaster, glass and timber and board products.

A number of trades are also in short supply due to the construction boom, as a report by quantity surveying outfit WT Partnerships suggests.

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