How to Care for Your Feet on the Construction Site

One of the areas that are so easy to neglect is our feet, regardless of what industry we belong to but in construction, not only do our feet have to take a beating from walking around and standing on a job site all day, but they are also at risk of injury from any number of outside hazards such as falling objects, sharp objects sticking out the ground etc.

Something as seemingly small as a tool falling onto our feet can became a major injury and result in missed work days, pain, financial cost, decreased productivity and even permanent disability.

There is also the risk of physical exhaustion which can lead to unsteadiness that can cause slips, trips and falls.

To remedy the situation, workers should take regular breaks throughout the day to keep hydrated and rest off their feet.

It is also important employers protect employees and help reduce the risks by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety boots.

They also need to ensure workers have been properly trained on safety and how to utilise PPE correctly. For more on construction safety training and the white card course click here.


How Women in Construction are Cashing in on Booming Industry

Women who want to cash in on the booming construction sector in NSW are being encouraged to do so by the Vocational and Educational Training (VET) sector, government and businesses.

Although women make up just 11 per cent of the construction sector’s workforce, experts say now is the best time for women who want to pursue a career in this challenging but rewarding industry.

Women should get qualified to ensure they’re in line for highly paid construction jobs.

Lendlease’s Craig Laslett said with the advancements in technology and machinery, alot of the manual handling associated with construction work has been done away with and anyone with the right attitude can work in the industry. And with all the activity in infrastructure construction in the state, more skilled labours are needed over the coming years.  Read more at

It’s important to note that before beginning work or apprenticeships on any construction site in NSW or elsewhere in Australia, you must complete general construction safety training, more frequently referred to as The White Card. This course can be completed online, quickly and conveniently and the nationally valid White Card posted to you wherever you are in Australia. Find out more here.

Fruit Fly Factory Under Construction

fruit fly

The first fly factory in Australia is under construction in South Australia and while it may seem strange that a fly factory is being built to control flies, the aim of the project is to prevent the increase in the pest’s population.

At home and on the work site, the fruit fly can be a destructive and annoying pest which is the reason why the National Sterile Insect facility in Port Augusta plans to produce 50 million male fruit flies a week. The flies will then be introduced to orchards across Australia to infiltrate the species and slow the growth of the population.

The decision to build the fruit fly factory comes after a decision to ban insecticides used to control the pests population as of next month.





Perth Storm brings Rain and Cool Temperatures

The storms experienced in Perth over the weekend brought with them cool temperatures and heavy rains.

perth rains

A cold swept across Perth and brought with it chilly temperatures and significant rainfall.

Storms apparently brought 6mm of rain in the Perth gauge overnight, while in Jandakot and 21mm fell to 9am on Saturday morning.


Over 12500 Apartment Approvals in Melbourne this Year

apartment construction

The current financial year has been a good one for apartment construction in Melbourne.

According to CoreLogic RP Data research analyst Cameron Kusher apartment developments are at an all time high nationally and in Melbourne alone there has been 12,516 apartment start approvals.

Melbourne CBD is experiencing a particularly high surge and this is expected to continue for the next few years. Find out more about the boom here.

White Card Update: Easiest Way of Getting your Construction Induction Card for Work Across Borders

Workers and employers in the construction industry in both NSW and Victoria are ecstatic about a new program designed to rid them of any issues with red tape that exists for those that operate across borders and into various states. Now the same construction induction cards are accepted in both states and workers don’t have to worry about re-doing the course if they are forced to transfer to a site in a different state.

This post from explains:

WorkCover-logo-250x313-2WorkCover NSW and WorkSafe Victoria are collaborating to rollout the program starting this month.

Inspectors from both organisations will describe the similarities between the NSW and Victorian work health and safety regulations, talk about the perceived barriers to operating across the state borders and make sure that people understand how to be compliant.

One of the most common issues has been that WorkCover NSW did not accept the competency certificate for training that was completed in Victoria howver this has been remedied and the same induction cards are accepted in NSW and Victoria.

John Watson, the NSW WorkCover health and safety division general manager, said that it was common for building companies to work across borders which has led to the confusion regarding the difference in the state laws.


Do you live in Victoria and wish to obtain your Construction Induction “Red Card”? Well the good news is that the “White Card” has replaced the “Red Card” as the mandatory induction card for work on a construction site, so workers in the construction industry can obtain a national white card rather than having to complete a separate induction course for each state – you can work in any state as long as you have the White Card.

Further good news comes from the fact that the White Card online is so simple and convenient to obtain, no wasting time and money in boring classrooms – the online white card course allows you to complete it at a time and place comfortable for you, at a fraction of the cost of traditional face-to-face training.

Any person who enters a construction site must have adequate training to prove that he is able to identify and avoid hazards that could cause death or injury due to the dangers that a building site poses. That is why every worker must be in possession of the White Card, to confirm that they are qualified to work on a site.

The national White Card replaces the Red Card in Victoria and now workers can complete the white card course online whenever it suits them, allowing them access onto a construction site anywhere in Australia, not just in Victoria.

By unifying the process of construction safety training the government has streamlined safety in Oz, making it more convenient for workers to obtain work anywhere in the country. If you wish to register or gain more information visit our homepage today!