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These Chinese Workers Take Extreme Construction to New Heights

Work from even relatively low heights can be dangerous and nerve-wrecking for construction workers to undertake. Imagine working as high up as these Chinese construction workers? They take extreme construction to new heights.  

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3 Tower Complex for Old ABC Toowong Site

Three residential buildings in the shape of champagne flutes will radically transform the old ABC Toowong site and Brisbane’s skyline. Construction on the towers is expected to begin at the end of the year. The development is expected to cost

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Which Jobs Make You Drink?

According to data from the US Government miners and construction workers are more likely than people in other jobs to drink and take drugs. The survey undertaken recently showed that construction workers in The US showed abnormally high levels of

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Stress Management for Construction Workers

Managing stress has become an issue that we in the construction industry must address if we are to reduce suicides, improve safety and boost productivity on work sites. Factors such as a heavy workload, traveling,  having responsibility for the safety of

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WorkCover NSW Issues Scaffolding Safety Alert

WorkCover NSW have issued a safety alert highlighting the safety risks associated with scaffolding collapses. The alert also aims to help avoid such incidents. The alert comes after an incident when workers were injured after a scaffold collapsed into the

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Safety Video : Preventing Trips and Falls on Site

Trips and Falls are responsible for great number of injuries on construction sites and although the subject is covered in brief by White Card training (mandatory safety training for all construction workers), more in-depth training may be necessary in specific

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Company Pleads Guilty over Wayne Vickery Death

The Canberra construction company that employed Wayne Vickery, a construction worker killed in a 2011 grader accident, has now pleaded guilty  to safety failings which resulted in the fatal incident. The 45 year old worker was killed on a Macgregor

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White Card Update: Addressing Bullying From Senior Staff

Employers should understand the importance of addressing bullying in the workplace but we need to recognise that bullying doesn’t always occur horizontally, between employees or colleagues, bullying can also occur from the top down. A recent case which took place

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White Card Update: Safety Tips for Construction Drill Usage

It seems that one of the most widely utilised yet incorrectly utilised tools in the construction and building sector is the simple drill. Often it is the most commonly used items that are abused and those tools which we tend

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Importance of Safety near Power lines and Electricity

WorkCover NSW is once again reminding workers to be cautious when working with electricity and near power lines, an issue that is particularly relevant for those in the construction industry. The warning from WorkCover NSW came after a recent analysis

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