Worker Dies on Perth Construction Site


A Perth construction worker lost his life when he fell into a water-filled trench in the city’s western suburbs. Workmates desperately tried to save the construction worker who fell into the 3m deep ditch and became trapped at the Mosman Park site.

Colleagues of the man got into the water and attempted to pull him out before they made the emergency call. Bypassers who witnessed the incident tried to help by passing the man a hose pipe to try and breath. The man was heard screaming that his leg was stuck.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and took at least 8 hours to retrieve the body making use of specialised equipment.

An investigation has been launched by WorkSafe and the police.

This incident is an example of how quickly things can go wrong on the construction site and the importance of safety procedures.

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Crane Driver Injured in Fall on Melbourne Construction Site

Another crane incident has taken place in Melbourne’s CBD, resulting in injuries for the crane driver.

The man had to be treated for suspected spinal and leg injuries after falling 2 metres inside a tower crane on the construction site.

It is believed the crane driver was climbing a ladder up to the driver’s cabin when the fall occurred and he landed on a metal platform beneath. He sustained spinal and leg injuries.

Emergency crews worked for more than an hour to rescue the crane driver from the 20 metre high platform.

He was transported to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition.

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How to Care for Your Feet on the Construction Site

One of the areas that are so easy to neglect is our feet, regardless of what industry we belong to but in construction, not only do our feet have to take a beating from walking around and standing on a job site all day, but they are also at risk of injury from any number of outside hazards such as falling objects, sharp objects sticking out the ground etc.

Something as seemingly small as a tool falling onto our feet can became a major injury and result in missed work days, pain, financial cost, decreased productivity and even permanent disability.

There is also the risk of physical exhaustion which can lead to unsteadiness that can cause slips, trips and falls.

To remedy the situation, workers should take regular breaks throughout the day to keep hydrated and rest off their feet.

It is also important employers protect employees and help reduce the risks by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety boots.

They also need to ensure workers have been properly trained on safety and how to utilise PPE correctly. For more on construction safety training and the white card course click here.


Queenslanders Reminded to Prioritise Electrical Safety

Following a number of incidents involving live power lines, including overhead, underground and fallen lines, Ergon Energy and Energex have launched an electrical safety campaign throughout Queensland.

The aim of the campaign titled “Take Care, Stay Line Aware”, is to remind Queenslanders to be aware of power-lines and not become complacent around them because of familiarity.

Any contact with a live power-line can be serious, causing severe injury and even death so whether you’re at work, at home doing maintenance or driving a vehicle or operating machinery, we must be aware of the risks of power-lines and stay well clear of them.

A spokesman for the campaign said the aim of the campaign was to return public attention to power-lines and other electricity infrastructure.

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Tradie Safety Month – What we’ve learned

Tradies make up one third of Australia’s workforce, yet their injuries account for more than half of the country’s serious workers’ compensation claims.

That is why Safe Work Australia has made August Tradies Health Month to remind employers to protect their workers and to remind tradies of the importance of safety.

Michelle Baxter of Safe Work Australia said employees were a company’s greatest assets, so employers need to take care of them.

The most common serious claims for workers compensation are due to muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects. Tradies most often experienced traumatic joint, ligament and/or muscle/ tendon injuries.

Another alarming statistic released by Safe Work revealed that 50 tradies die every year from vehicle incidents.

Ms Baxter said taking shortcuts will actually end up costing you more. Throughout the month information and resources regarding tradie safety will be available in the form of data, videos etc on Safe Work’s website.


Crane Topples on Construction Site – Worker Injured

A crane recently toppled on a construction site in the Gold Coast, causing injury to a man on site.

The man suffered minor injuries when the crane tipped over at the Coomera construction site.

He was treated by paramedics.

Another crane incident took place in Melbourne where heavy winds damaged the arm of the crane which threatened to fall. Hundreds of residents were evacuated.


Worker Freed after Collapsing in Perth Airport Tunnel Construction Site

A construction worker has been freed by emergency crews after an incident inside Perth’s Forrestfield Airport rail link tunnel.

The man was severely injured when a high pressure air pipe exploded and smashed him in the face.

The 35 year old man suffered serious facial injuries during the incident which happened 50 metres underground.

The incident led to a delicate operation which involved a rescue crew lifting him out of the tunnel by crane with a rescue cage. He was then taken to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment.

Work on the tunnel was shut down as WorkSafe investigate. The Perth Transport Authority are also investigating.

Prior to the incident, the CFMEU says concerns about safety were raised relating to the brackets connected to the high pressure pipes however these concerns fell on deaf ears.

The airport rail link is expected to be completed by 2020.

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Beware when Working on Live Circuits/Switchboards – WorkSafe Warns


WorkSafe Victoria is urging business owners, contractors and workers to be cautious when working on live switchboards or circuits. The warning comes as the safety regulator focuses on a month of electrical safety.

The regulator is also stressing the importance of ensuring the adequate training and supervision of apprentices.

WorkSafe Acting Executive Health and Safety, Paul Fowler said electricans were often under pressure from clients to get the job done quickly and to work with live electricity in order to avoid disruption to trade and production. Clients often don’t recognise the risks, so electrical employers and contractors must look for alternatives, such as scheduling work when the power supply can be shut down without affecting business.

He went on to say that the electricity should always be isolated and tested before work begins, regardless of the task.

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Perth Construction Accident – Concrete Falls and Crushes Cars


A car was crushed recently and another was damaged after a concrete panel fell off the side of an East Perth building site. Thankfully nobody was injured or killed but the consequences could have been horrific.

The incident was blamed on human error by the managing director of Hanssen, Gerry Hanssen who blamed the builder responsible for the project, for the incident.

According to reports, the concrete slab plummeted 3 stories, flattening one vehicle completely while the other vehicle had a smashed windscreen and extensive denting.

According to Hanssen, the workers forgot to attach the panel to an overhead crane when attempting to adjust its position.He was quick to confirm that all the correct processes and procedures were in place and that human error was responsible for the incident.He said the company would replace the damaged cars.  Source: