Worker Injured on Site in Queensland


A workplace incident has taken place on a construction site in South East Queensland involving a crane, once again highlighting the risks present on construction sites – one of the most high risk industries according to workplace health and safety data.

A worker was injured in the incident and had to be taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The man, in his fifties was seriously injured in the crane incident, suffering leg and pelvic injuries during the accident.

Emergency crews were called to the site in North Lakes and the man was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.

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Company Fined for Death of Irish Construction Workers

A trucking company was issued a $160,000 fine over the 2 fatalities that occurred on an East Perth construction site in November 2015.

The incident resulted in the deaths of 2 Irish workers, 27 year old Gerry Bradley and 24 year old Joe McDermott. The 2 were working on an apartment development and were on a smoking break when concrete tilt panels weighing more than 3 tonnes each slipped and crushed the workers.

The concrete panels were being unloaded from a trailer when one slipped and crashed onto the area where 4 men were sitting, 2 were uninjured but the 2 Irish construction workers were killed.

It was heard that the deaths were preventable because there were “simple and practical steps” that the company could have taken to ensure the panels were secure. The magistrate said the panels had been secured individually with straps and chains and were unloaded from one side of the truck which caused the vehicle to be unstable and the panels to fall on the workers.

The company was remorseful over the deaths however the other 2 parties charged had pleaded not guilty.


Worker Health and Safety a Priority, ACT Government Says

The ACT government is reminding everyone that there is no deadline or target more important than getting workers home safely at the end of each day- a message that the construction industry in particular should take to heart.

Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations Rachel Stephen-Smith said in a message on International Workers Memorial Day  and World Day for Safety and Health that taking action to prevent future work related injuries and fatalities is the focus. It is also a day for remembering people lost to work related injuries and illnesses.

The theme of this year’s event was Generation Safe and Health, highlighting the importance of focusing on young workers who are at an increased risk of injury and harassment in the workplace.

The minister also stressed the importance of collaboration between regulators, workers, employers and all stakeholders to ensure a safer workplace culture.

The safety of workers is of paramount importance which is one reason why the federal government mandated general construction induction training for all workers in the construction sector. No matter the work you undertake in  construction or what type of construction you’re involved in, the White Card is a requirement for everyone working on site.


Construction Contractor Dies at Upgrade Project Site

A construction contractor died at the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Western Australia where an upgrade project is underway.

While the full details of the incident are not yet known, it is believed the man was trapped under a beam.

WorkSafe was on site as they investigated the incident, police were also on the scene and will prepare a report for the coroner.

The project involves the construction of 8 concrete tanks with the facility set to be completed next year.

The CFMEU said this incident proves once again that “rules around workplace safety need to change”.

One of the reasons why The White Card has been mandated for all construction workers across Australia is because of this high risk nature of the industry. Even workers on renovation and upgrade projects need to be adequately trained.

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Ballarat Trench Collapse – Two Killed

The dangers of working in trenches on construction sites has once again come into the spotlight after two workers have passed away following a trench collapse incident at a Ballarat construction site.

A man working in the trench died on the scene.

One worker, a 20 year old man was trapped for 2 hours, covered up to his waist in dirt in the trench about 6 metres deep.

His co-workers tried to free him using tools and their hands but eventually an excavator had to be used to free the man who was then transported to hospital with serious injuries. Unfortunately he died in hospital.

Report on Making Asbestos Less of A Danger

A new report by the Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency looked into practices that could help make asbestos less dangerous where it is not immediately possible to remove, examining current ways to contain and stabilise asbestos, especially in roofing.

The agency investigated current products and practices used to contain and stabilise asbestos to make it safer where it is, or make it safer to remove.

The agency also found that the industry supported government incentives towards dealing with and managing asbestos.

The agency highlighted that asbestos roofing is common in Australia and it can deteriorate over time even more so than asbestos used for other uses.Taking this into account, the agency says encapsulation of asbestos on roofing is essential and a simple and cost-effective approach to make deteriorating asbestos safer if immediate removal is not possible.


Following Florida Bridge Collapse Construction Method in Question

Accelerated Bridge Construction is a construction method developed by a group of bridge engineering experts who discovered in 2010 that America’s bridges were crumbling and a lot more of them needed to be built, and fast.

This method which involves building the bridge off-site and then moving it to its final location in one piece, minimises costs and disruptions, but is now under investigation following the collapse of a bridge in Florida.

The bridge was being constructed using the Accelerated Bridge Construction method when it collapsed, killing 6 people and injuring 9 others.

While other bridges in different parts of the country have been constructed successfully using this technique, an investigation will determine whether it played a role in this particular collapse.

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So Far in 2018 Construction Booming

Last month saw a sharp improvement in Australia’s housing and apartment construction sectors as well as a rise in Australia’s residential building approvals.

According to the Australian Industry Group’s (Ai Group) Performance of Construction Index (PCI), the construction industry has enjoyed a strong start to 2018, with activity rising 1.7 points in January to 56.0 – anything above 50 indicates the industry is expanding.

In February activity levels not only rose but did so at a faster rate than it did in January.

According to the Ai Group, activity levels have improved in each of the past 13 months.


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Construction Jobs Boost

The construction industry is on a hiring spree due to the increased activity in the sector.

The Australian Industry Group’s (Ai Group) Performance of Construction Index (PCI) rose 1.5 points to 54.3 in January, indicating that the industry is expanding and at a rapid rate.

Due to high levels of activity across all construction sectors, including apartment construction, employment in the sector is also at an all time high.

Hiring in the sector has increased every month over the past 9 months and as construction continues to grow, hiring in the sector shows no signs of slowing.
If you want to take advantage of the many opportunities available in the construction sector, you will first need to be in possession of a White Card. Learn more about general construction induction training here.


Construction Workers Escape Injury As Concrete Slab Falls


WorkSafe is investigating an incident in Perth where a concrete slab fell at a construction site near Northbridge.

A group of construction workers could have been fatally injured when the 2 tonne slab snapped off and fell.

The site had to be shut for hours, with workers commenting on how lucky it was no one was injured or killed.

The union have spoken with the builders and WorkSafe are investigating, while workers on site are asking for answers.

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