Safety Should be The Main Priority in 2018

With the 2018 work year in full swing, ACT businesses are being reminded to make safety their top priority.

Work Safety Commissioner Greg Jones says there are often factors in a new year that can increase risks on work sites, particularly on construction sites and wherever workers are exposed to hot environments or outdoor work.

Some of the things that can increase the risks in a new year include,

  • pressure to get work done that was not completed in 2017,
  • desire to make up for down time,
  • workers taking on new roles or responsibilities &
  • new workers entering the worksite.

My Jones emphasised the importance of a strong safety focus in 2018, this includes ensuring workers have received the necessary safety training, including mandatory white card training as well as site specific and task specific training. He also reminded employers to ensure adequate supervision of new, young and apprentice workers. Source:

WorkSafe Investigates North Melbourne Scaffolding Collapse

 Anyone engaging in demolition work should be in possession of a valid White Card, this proves that they have completed the White Card Course and know how to work safely in the construction industry.
A recent incident in North Melbourne is a reminder of why general construction safety training is mandatory throughout Australia.
Three levels of scaffolding fell from a building being demolished on Monday morning.
While no injuries were reported, the incident could have proven fatal, not just for those involved in the demolition work, but members of the public as well. WorkSafe is investigating the cause.

Hundreds of Workers Have Illegally Obtained Construction Induction Cards


Police are concerned that hundreds of people could be working illegally on building sites, after it was discovered that a Sydney man was paid to sit for tests for certificates to fraudulently obtain construction induction cards for workers with limited English speaking abilities.

Presumably the workers could not pass the White Card course themselves because of the language barrier, which is why Kelvin Fong did it for them.

Construction induction training also known as white card training is mandatory for all construction workers, throughout Australia.

The 37 year old man was jailed for at least 6 months after he procured as many as 400 construction induction cards for unqualified workers. The magistrate described the offence as “breathtakingly serious” which is understandable given that he was putting not only the workers themselves at risk but every single person on the site with them, as well as the public.

No need to obtain your White Card fraudulently when the course is affordable and simple to pass, given you are proficient in English and can complete a short online and telephone based verbal assessment. As a reputable and industry leading Registered Training Organisation, having issued hundreds of thousands of White Cards, we also have recognition software to avoid incidents of fraud.


Sydney Man Charged Over Fraudulent White Cards


The New South Wales Police and Australian Federal Police through a joint operation have identified and charged a 37 year old Sydney man for fraudulently issuing white cards.

The man was allegedly charging clients $150 to complete the online examinations on their behalf.

A federal mandate requires that construction workers be in possession of a White Card when working on a construction site anywhere in Australia.

Regardless of where the white card is earned, the accreditation is nationally recognised, a fact that criminals have been taking advantage of

According to police the man promoted his business by word of mouth and had managed to sell at least 400 of the fraudulent cards.

This man not only put his clients at risk because they entered a high risk work environment without the necessary safety training but he also put other workers on sites at risk as well as the public.

At we take safety seriously which is why we ensure we take the necessary steps to stop fraud.

Some of the ways we do this is our progressive webcam technology, intensive ID checks, verbal assessments and random assessment questions.

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6th annual Modular Construction and Prefabrication Australia 2015


The 6th annual Modular Construction and Prefabrication Australia 2015 is taking place next week in Sydney.

Anyone with an interest in modular construction and prefabrication can register to attend.

With this type of construction growing in popularity, it is important to learn about the pros and the cons from the experts, an opportunity provided by the event.

To register or get more information, click here.

Electrical Safety a Major Concern in Construction

elec risk

The recommendations handed down by Coroner David O’Connell yesterday will be considered by the Queensland state government following his investigations into a workplace fatality in Clermont in 2012.

A 20 year old work, Jason Garrels was killed while working on the Clermont Apartment Complex, despite the incident being totally preventable.

The death of Mr Garrels highlighted not only the need for safety surrounding electrical work on construction sites but also the importance of keeping young workers safe.

Read more about it here.


Boot Camp Training Troubled Youth to become Construction Workers

young workers 1

Construction manager Paul Breen has designed and funded a new boot camp to address the shortage of apprentices in the NSW construction industry as well as provide young people battling to find work with an opportunity to be trained and offered employment.

Over an 8 week period, trainees are taught construction skills from basic carpentry to tying steel and form work. They are thereafter offered paid employment.


Personal Protective Equipment not Optional on Work Sites


What do you think of this guy’s PPE?

Although this isn’t what personal protective equipment is, no work on a construction site should go on without the necessary PPE.

The very basic PPE for construction work include hard hats and safety boots but when work such as welding, crane operation, excavation etc. is taking place, there are additional PPE that are necessary. A site’s Safe Work Method Statement should provide more information about the PPE required.

Employers should ensure workers are provided with the necessary PPE and given the training on this equipment.

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Great Solution to Excavating in Congested Areas


Hydrovac excavation is way to excavate in congested areas where traditional ways of excavation may be too risky because of the presence of underground cables, wires, lines etc.

The Hydrovac Excavation system is non-destructive and involves injecting pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig out soil leaving a trench completely open.

It provides a safe and easily controllable way of excavating. For more of the benefits and how-to information, click here.


Get Good Ideas to Ensure Old Concrete Doesn’t Go to Waste


Nowadays recycling has become an everyday part of our lives and while we’re saving the environment, we might as well save some money. That is why the idea of recycling concrete is such a brilliant one. Why not take an old pavement and turn it into paving for a walkway or make it into a park bench. Find out some more really cool ways to reuse concrete here.