Perth Businesses Face Problems Recycling Asbestos Construction Waste

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Authorities determined to recycle construction waste have been accused of laying the foundations for future asbestos victims by industry insiders.

Perth contractors have complained that they are accumulating large stockpiles of construction waste which they cannot resell because there is no market for it and cannot dump because it’s too expensive. Government has raised landfill fees by more than 500 per cent.

Some contractors say the government is being reckless by allowing recycled construction waste products to have 0.001 per cent asbestos. Read more at

Audit Proves Waste Reduction Possible

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Around 80 per cent of materials used on some WA building sites can be reused or recycled, Murdoch University students recently found.

Students worked with a construction company who volunteered 3 of their building sites to be assessed. They noted that savings were possible if best practice waste reduction is introduced.

Most waste materials come from the sand and masonry side of construction.

Construction companies in WA have been urged to increase the recycling of their waste because the landfill levy rate has almost doubled from $29 per tonne to $55 per tonne for waste that could decay and increased five-fold from $12 up to $60 per cubic metre for inert waste.