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The Workers Risking their Lives to Build India’s Homes

The risks being taken by workers in India to build the country’s homes, infrastructure and commercial buildings recently came under the spotlight in an article on BBC.com. The post mentioned a number of workers including Mr Hasan, a construction worker

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Residents in Brisbane Sign petition for Later Construction Work

Brisbane residents want construction work to start later in the morning and have signed a petition in the hopes of being heard. According to a report in the Brisbane Times, the petition was started by a resident in Woolloongabba who

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So Far in 2018 Construction Booming

Last month saw a sharp improvement in Australia’s housing and apartment construction sectors as well as a rise in Australia’s residential building approvals. According to the Australian Industry Group’s (Ai Group) Performance of Construction Index (PCI), the construction industry has

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Solar Shingles the Latest Product Released by Teslas

Tesla’s latest product was recently revealed by Elon Musk during a presentation in LA. The product is solar panel roofing that come in 4 different styles. What makes them different to other solar panels? In the words of Musk “the

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Construction Work Destroys Melbourne Artefact

Construction work in Melbourne has resulted in the destruction of an artefact of the city’s street culture, a group of Banksy stencils. The stencils are by the underground street artist Banksy. Construction workers damaged the stencils when they were installing

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China’s Tallest Building Ready

The tallest building in China and second tallest building in the world is complete. The 127-story Shanghai Tower took extremely long by Chinese standards to build – 7 years from ground breaking to completion. The only building in the world

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US And China To Build High-Speed Rail Between LA And Vegas

China has been given the go ahead to build a high speed rail from Los Angeles to Las Vegas called the XpressWest. The railway will run 230 miles and will connect the 2 major cities in a mere 80 minutes.

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Australian Building One of the Most Expensive

Source: www.theurbandeveloper.com According to Hamburg-based architectural data research company Emporis has released a list of the world’s most expensive buildings and The Royal Adelaide Hospital has made it on. The hospital would have cost $2.1 billion upon its completion in 2016. Other

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Australia Could Lead the Way in Strong, Durable Concrete

According to a post on Sourceable.net Australia could become a pioneer for the creation of durable and long lasting concrete if proposed changes for the criteria for concrete durabililty come to pass. It would mean Australia has the best standards for

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Severe Rains Contributed to Mecca Crane Collapse

A crane collapse at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia has claimed 107 lives and left 180 people injured. Authorities have blamed the incident on severe rains, watch the video below for more:  

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