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The Workers Risking their Lives to Build India’s Homes

The risks being taken by workers in India to build the country’s homes, infrastructure and commercial buildings recently came under the spotlight in an article on BBC.com. The post mentioned a number of workers including Mr Hasan, a construction worker

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Remaining Mentally Healthy in Construction

Improving the mental health of construction workers should be a priority for every construction employer and was recently the focus of a special event at Hazelbrook. The event ” Staying Healthy in the Construction Industry” featured speakers from the Housing

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Workplace Health and Safety In The Forefront after Box Hill Accident

Workplace health and safety has come to the forefront following an incident in Box Hill, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. A worker in his 40s died and another was seriously injured after a container of concrete fell from the crane recently.

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Two Construction Workers Lose Out on $2.2m Lotto Share

Two Sydney construction workers are kicking themselves after missing  out on a share of $2.2 million from a winning lotto ticket. Instead of buying in with their co-workers, the 2 chose to buy lunch instead while the other workers chipped

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Construction Tradies Across all fields benefit from Booming Market

A recent article on Sourceable.net highlighted the benefits of the booming construction market for tradespeople across Australia. Tradies in the residential, commercial and civil construction sector are benefiting from the buoyant labour market conditions. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the

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Knowing When Is The Right Time To Down Your Tools Due To Weather

A real challenge in the construction industry is knowing when to down tools due to the weather for example when it is too hot or too wet to work. While in most cases workers get paid upon completion of work,

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Thousands Of Construction Workers Required for $3.6b Project

A $3.6 billion project planned nearby The Sunshine Coast has promised to create more than 2000 jobs. The search for the 2000 workers has begun at the same time as the first day of construction on the Queen’s Wharf development

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Take A Mental Break After Work to Improve Sleep

A new study by the American Psychological Association claims that taking mental breaks after work will improve your sleep. As we already know the quality of sleep we get is vital to our functioning at work and fatigue on the

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Construction Workers Daring Exploits

Watch as this daredevil construction worker in Kuala Lumpur works at the top of a multi-storey skyscraper without any safety equipment. The video was filmed by a co-worker of the man on his mobile phone, even his co-worker can be

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Company Fined for Death of Irish Construction Workers

A trucking company was issued a $160,000 fine over the 2 fatalities that occurred on an East Perth construction site in November 2015. The incident resulted in the deaths of 2 Irish workers, 27 year old Gerry Bradley and 24

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