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Construction Workers Daring Exploits

Watch as this daredevil construction worker in Kuala Lumpur works at the top of a multi-storey skyscraper without any safety equipment. The video was filmed by a co-worker of the man on his mobile phone, even his co-worker can be

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Company Fined for Death of Irish Construction Workers

A trucking company was issued a $160,000 fine over the 2 fatalities that occurred on an East Perth construction site in November 2015. The incident resulted in the deaths of 2 Irish workers, 27 year old Gerry Bradley and 24

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WorkSafe ACTs Focus on Work from Height Safety

WorkSafe ACT is narrowing in on employers who compromise workers’ safety when it comes to working from height and can now issue an on-the-spot fine of up to 3,600 to offenders. In the 2017-18 period, there were 72 workers compensation

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Research Reveals Signs on Suicide

Research from BeyondBlue has found that not many people express their suicidal thoughts to others directly however they do often show signs through behavioural changes. It’s important we know how to recognise and respond to the warning signs from family

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Construction Workers Force Their Way Onto WorkSite to Reclaim Their Tools

Construction workers forced their way onto a construction site to reclaim their tools after a decision by a construction firm to lock the gates of all its projects. The company decided to shut down its sites on Sunday night. The

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These Are The Most Dangerous Industries in Australia

It was recently revealed by Finder.com.au that the construction industry is among the top 3 most dangerous in Australia. Agriculture, fishing and forestry has been named the most high risk industry in Australia, averaging 14 fatalities for every 100 000

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Construction Workers Walk off Site due to Smell

The smell from a sewer pump station near a Breakwater site compelled construction workers off site for fear of possible illness. Media reports compared the smell to that of rotten eggs with some reports citing complaints of illness. The water

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Colombian Construction Collapse

A bridge under construction in Colombia has collapsed, claiming the lives of 10 construction workers. The partially constructed structure formed part of a highway connecting 2 cities. It gave way unexpectedly, causing the construction workers to fall some 280 metres

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The Suicide Crisis Facing Australia’s Construction Workers

A recent article on News.com.au discussed the suicide crisis facing Australia’s construction workers. Despite the macho appearance of most construction workers, these hardworking, often jovial men have the highest suicide risks in the nation. Alarmingly construction workers are 70 per

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Ensuring Your Workplace is Mentally Healthy

The NSW Goverment held a Mentally Healthy Workplaces Summit recently where it encouraged all workplaces to improve mental health among employees. The summit was held following state government commissioned research which showed that less than 25 per cent of NSW

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